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By attaching a resistance in parallel connection with the galvanometer. Or

when a low resistor connected in parallel with galvanometer ,the galvanometer is converted in ammeter. and the resistor is called shunt resistance.

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Q: How you convert galvanometer into ammeter in detail?
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What are the readings for the experiment - to convert a galvanometer int ammeter?

A galvanometer is a type of ammeter an instrument for detecting and measuring electric current. A galvanometer can be converted into ammeter by connecting resistance in parallel with it.

How can you convert galvanometer into ammeter?

Since Galvanometer is a very sensitive instrument therefore it can't measure heavy currents. In order to convert a Galvanometer into an Ammeter, a very low resistance known as "shunt" resistance is connected in parallel to Galvanometer. Value of shunt is so adjusted that most of the current passes through the shunt. In this way a Galvanometer is converted into Ammeter and can measure heavy currents without fully deflected.

High resistance in parallel connected with galvanometer to form voltmeter?

That won't work. To convert an ammeter (a galvanometer is a very sensitive type of ammeter) you connect a high value resistor in series with it.

How do you convert a galvanometer to an ammeter?

A galvanometer is an instrument used to measure and detect electric currents. While that seems a lot similar to an ammeter, it only deals with measuring relatively small or mediocre currents. Although an ammeter is now much preferred due to its more accurate, faster, and advanced readings, there is a way to "convert" a galvanometer to function like an ammeter. A current separator or divider, known as a shunt, allows a simple meter to be calibrated (adjusted) to measure larger currents. The shunt, parallel to the coil of your galvanometer, allows more electric currents to circulate around the circuit, thus obtaining more current.

Name the instrument used to measure electric current?

A magnetic compass can detect current, butyou'll need an Ammeter to measure it.A galvanometer can detect current ~ butyou'll need an Ammeter to measure it.

What is a galvanometer called when calibrated to read current?

That would be an ammeter.

What kind of meter is created when is shunt is added to a galvanometer?

A galvanometer with a low resistance shunt in parallel makes an ammeter.

Moving coil galvanometer converted into a multi range ammeter?


What instrument is used in a lab to measure electrical cureent?

Either an ammeter or a galvanometer is.

A moving coil galvanometer can be used as an ammeter by adding?

a series resistence with its coil

Difference between galvanometer and voltmeter?

Galvanometer is similiar to ammeter which is used to detect small current through it whereas a voltmeter measures the potential difference in a cicuit..

What quantity measures the galvonometer?

A galvanometer is a type of ammeter: An instrument for detecting and measuring electric current.