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Ears cannot be made bigger without surgery. This is because the size of one's ears are dependent on the genes that are usually inherited from the parents.

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How do you make penis bigger without risk surgery?

sorry there is not any know way to science to do so without surgery

What should you take to make your breast bigger without surgery?


How do you get a bigger booty without surgery?

You can make your bottom bigger without surgery by building up the gluteus maximus muscles. Climbing up hills is a great way to build those muscles.

How do you make your butt bigger without having surgery?

Healtier Foods and Certain exercises.

To make yo dick bigger without pills or surgery?

Eat properly and exercise.

How do you make your butt bigger without surgery?

Work out, get those underwear that makes your butt bigger, or eat much more

How do you get permanent bigger eyes without makeup or surgery?

It isn't genetically possibly to make your eyes bigger without makeup or cosmetic surgery. The only way to make your eyes look bigger is just to get plenty of rest. Enough sleep will rid you of dark circles making your eyes looking slightly bigger.

How can you make your butt poke out when you turn sideways and make it bigger without surgery?

eat cornbread - goes straight to your butt, also some excersises will make it biggerFirst its spelled butt, seacond get plastick surgery.

How to get a bigger dick without drugs-?

If you mean penis only surgery is proven to make a deifference

How do you make your penis bigger without enhancements?

Answer: Have sex with more girls Answer: There is no way to make the penis bigger, except through a risky and not very effective surgery.

How can you make your breasts bigger without surgery or pill or exercise?

Wear a boob tube. It gives the effect of a bigger chest. Gain weight.

Do clementines make your penis bigger?

No the only thing that can make your penis bigger is surgery.

How do you make your penises bigger?

How many penises do you have, anyway??? - There is no way to make it bigger, except for surgery, which is not safe - surgery will indeed make it bigger, but also less functional. has good articles on this topic.

Why are Doberman ears so pointy?

If a dobermans ears are pointy it means the dog has has surgery (cropping) done for their ears to stand and be pointy. A doberman is born with floppy ears and a long tail, but often get surgery to stand the ears and make the tail short.

What can you do to make your breast bigger?

Well there's a rumor that eating poppy seeds can make them bigger but you shouldn't believe that. The mass of your breasts is genetic so look at your parents and grandparents. There isn't really any way to make them bigger without surgery though.....

How do you enlarge your breasts without surgery or pills?

There are machines you use daily on that area that slowly make them biggerchest exercises or get implants

How do you make your lips bigger without surgery?

Nothing will make them bigger except collagen shots. There are some make up companies who state the lipstick or cream makes them bigger, but I would save your money. Be happy with your lips or spend several hundred dollars to get the shots.

Can You get surgery on your bum to make it bigger?

yes you can get BUM IMPLANTS

What are some ways to make a mans length bigger?


What massage should you use to make breasts grow?

Only surgery can make your breasts bigger. There is nothing you can do to make them grow faster or bigger.

How do you make ears small?

You can only reduce the size of your ears through plastic surgery. If you are a young person there is a phase in a person's development where the ears seem bigger than the head and seem to stick out. We all go through this. I can tell you that in most cases this will disappear as you get older and grow more. A short term solution is to grow your hair longer over the ears.

How big are womens breasts?

They all have different sizes and some have surgery to make them bigger, and they can double it to make them even MORE bigger!!

How do you make your breast bigger natrually?

Can't. What you have comes from DNA and the only way to be bigger is to have surgery for an enhancement.

Are mariah careys tits real?

No she had plastic surgery to make them bigger.

Can rubbing breasts make them grow or get bigger?

No it does not. Today only surgery can that.

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