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"He will tell you he wants you and loves you ..........that simple!!!!!"

I think that its not that obvious, you can never know if someone is serious with you. But you can tell on your own, it doesn't matter what this person says to you. There are times you will wonder, just believe him and trust him and let him tell you. Or you can ask him what his intentions are. there is no wrong or stupid question to ask about this. But i find if a guy is always happy to see you, always talks to you and has nothing else to do but soak up his time with you than he is serious about you that you are the girl he has feelings for

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How does a guy get a guy?

Try a gay club or perhaps online dating in men seeking men sections of dating websites

How does a girl use a free online dating service?

A girl uses a free online dating service to find a guy that meets her interests to go on a date and get to know him. She also used it to find someone to marry.

Who is Ed speleers dating?

I know he is dating a guy from the UK but I don't know his name yet.

How can you tell if the guy your dating wants to get serious or not?

confront him or if you do do it and if he doesnt he wont and will tell u

How do you know if when a guy asks you out if he is serious about asking you out or if its a joke?

You got to ask him "are you serious?"

How do you know if a guy is serious about you?

There is all different answers. It depends on what type of guy he is.

How will you know if the guy was seriously courting a girl?

well courting is just a another word for dating, but its taking it slow and being polite. not rushing into any thing. to court is to get a date first and if your serious you would be only dating her and only wanting to be with that person for any one to take it serious.

How do you talk to a guy you have a crush on and is dating someone you know?

I would tell the person you know how you feel about the person they are dating.

How do you know whether a guy is serious with you or no?

If you are unsure enough whether this guy is serious with you or not to have to ask about it on here, then that should be a good indication that he isn't being serious. Trust your instincts.

How do you know when a Man is real?

I am looking for serious and hardworking guy

How do you know the right guy is for you?

Once you start dating, and the guy seems really interested and nice and funny to you, then you'll know ;)

What is this problem most serious?

The problem is most serious when you dont know if your guy is chitten on you and if they having sex

If a guy doesn't think you two are ready for a serious relationship do you still have a chance?

Yes. Just because a guy is not ready for a serious relationship does not mean that hope does not exist for the future or that he isn't planning on seeing you, dating you, and possibly building up to a serious relationship. If you really like the guy, don't get disheartened!

How do you date a guy when your homechooled and don't get out much?

You can try and get out and find a guy you like. You can also try the online dating sites.

The girl suspects that the guy likes her so she asks him if he is dating someone- the guy say I am not dating anyone but when I do you will be the first one to know- is the guy hinting something?

Yes =)

How likely is it that you will find love on a dating site?

I love online dating as it brings us great convenience for looking for the right guy. However, some dating skills or dating experiences are also necessary. According to my experience, 2 friends got success story through online dating, one on, one on Another 3 friends are not successful with online dating. To be successful, you need to be honest, serious, patient. Don't believe the myth that love happens at the first glance. You need time to learn each other and filter out those who are not the right match. You need to be open to others, but you should also protect yourself well. Don't disclose your personal info just like home address, phone number, private mailbox,... Just share it when you know the other guy well. Security is the most important aspect in online dating. Good luck in your search!

When dating a guy how do you know that he really likes you and not using you?

you just have to trust him

What does it mean if a guy follows you on twitter and you don't even know them?

He either has interest in you, or he is simply following random people, or he is a creep. Take your pick and be careful with online dating.

What are the release dates for Guy Code - 2011 Online Dating Going to the Doctor and Tailgating 2-10?

Guy Code - 2011 Online Dating Going to the Doctor and Tailgating 2-10 was released on: USA: September 2012

Is Jackson rathbone dating a guy?

NO!!!!!!!!!! lol calm down we know he ain't

After how long a guy should ask a girl to meet her parents?

I would say after about 1 or 2 months after you have been dating. Just to see how serious the guy/girl is about the relationship.

What is dating like and what's the point?

dating is when a ... girl & a guy go out to get to know each other, (the idea is the they like each other before they go out) the point about dating is you get to know the person you like better.

Why women still date after they meet someone serious about them?

I know, im a woman. We like the "thrill of dating" as some people say. So even if a guy really likes her, she may like somebody else

How do you know when a guy loves you?

If a guy loves you he'll talk and look at you and say hi well this is more for crushes not dating

A guy you met online has been flirting but is he serious?

You Cant trust people online. Especially when you DONT know them! I mean it isn't bad to talk to people online but you need to be aware. Most of the time when your talking to someone online or on I.M or something they most likely arent serious. They jsut tend to fool around. Good Luck and Hope this Helped and answered your question. {AlexPineappleTalks}