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es paso

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Q: Howe do you say move it in Spanish?
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How do you say this is Spanish 'move it'?

The analogue for "Move it!" in Spanish is "¡Muévete!"

How do you say is not giving in anymore time to move on in Spanish?

How do you say it in spanish?

How do you say move your hand in spanish?

You say, "¡Mueve la mano!"

How do you say move in with you in Spanish?

Translation: mudarse contigo

How does a tick move every day?

Howe do you no something.....i love move to look..... Kiss

How do you say then please move out in Spanish?

Por favor, muevete afuera.

What has the author William Howe Downes written?

William Howe Downes has written: 'Spanish ways and by-ways' -- subject(s): Description and travel

How do you say move your card in spanish?

i dont know really but i think it is karionhk

How you say move in spanish?

mover(se) - infinitivemueva(te/se) - jcommand

How do you say daisy in Chinese?

Dashi howe ra

How do you say i love you but its time to move on in spanish?

Te amo, pero es hora de seguir adelante

What was Maes howe named after?

people say it may be named after a goddess of beauty