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What did Hypatia do?

Hypatia was a mathematician that helped improve the astrolabe which was a instrument used to measure the position of the sun and stars.

What did Hypatia do for math?

Hypatia was the greatest female mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher of antiquity. While she didn't contribute much in the way of new mathematics, she and her father Theon revised, clarified, and preserved for us the works of Euclid, Apollonius, and others. To learn more about her, click on th ( Full Answer )

Who is Hypatia of Alexandria?

mathematician, scientist, and philosopher. Hypatia of Alexandria was a woman who was born in 350-370 A.D. and died in 415 A.D. She was the first notable woman in mathematics. She was the leading philosopher of her day, and the last of the great philosophers in the ancient Greek tradition. She was t ( Full Answer )

How did hypatia die?

Hypatia was killed by Christians. They took her down the streets, tore of her skin with roof shingles and after she was dead, they burned her.

What is the earliest known work of art?

The earliest work of art was actually discovered just recently. Thework of art is a painting that was discovered in a cave in Spainand is roughly 42,000 years old.

Why is Hypatia famous?

Hypatia was the last great Greek philosopher, scientist, and mathematician of antiquity. The daughter of Theon the mathematician, she far surpassed her father, becoming the greatest philosopher of her time. She is also famous for the cruel death she suffered at the hands of a Christian mob in 415 AD ( Full Answer )

Is Hypatia a teacher?

Hypatia of Alexandria was one of the greatest teachers of antiquity. She lived around the turn of the 5th century AD. The daughter of Theon the mathematician, she far surpassed her father, becoming the greatest philosopher and teacher of her time.. Hypatia WAS a great teacher. She was famous becaus ( Full Answer )

Who was Hypatia How did she die?

Hypatia of Alexandria was the last of the great Greek philosophers of antiquity. The daughter of Theon the mathematician, she far surpassed her father, becoming the greatest philosopher of her time. She suffered a cruel death. In the year 415 AD, as she was returning home, she was dragged from her c ( Full Answer )

What did Hypatia invent?

She may have invented two water machines: one to distill water and another to measure the level of water. She helped invent the plane astrolabe, the hydrometer, and the hydroscope.

Where did Hypatia die?

Hypatia was a female philosopher who unfortunately fell victim tothe polarization and political infighting between Christians andJews in Alexandria. Angered that ruler, Orestes often sought hercounsel, some began to blame her for Oreste's reluctance toreconcile with Cyril. A mob of fanatics kidnappe ( Full Answer )

When did Hypatia die?

Hypatia was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 350 AD. She died inAlexandria on March 8, 415 AD. She was a teacher of astronomy andphilosophy.

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Why was Hypatia Murdered?

The local Bishop of Alexandria was disturbed by the philosophy thatHypatia was expressing in the circles where she was privy to, as itwas totally devoid of any religion of the times, and she wasadamant that religion was not a valid consideration in the lives ofpeople of her time. She expressed openl ( Full Answer )

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Was hypatia a Christian?

No she was not. She was a Pagan. However, some of her students& friends were Christians. Unfortunately, a group of fanaticalChristians accused her of causing a rift between the prefect ofAlexandria & the Bishop of that same city, & she wasbrutally murdered!!

Where was hypatia raised?

Hypatia was born in Alexandria, Egypt. She spent time studying inAthens, Greece, and then returned to Alexandria to teach.

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How did hypatia die and why?

she died by christians peeling her skin, chopping it up and getting thrown in a fire. she was a different religion than people in alexandrea

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Did Hypatia have kids?

no he did not have kids because he was a killer and a good one to so he killed his kid so that means he did not have kids

Who influenced hypatia?

Most likely her father, Theon. However, Hypatia wasn't the onlyfemale student at the Musaeum of Alexandria. There were others too.

Why are the Roman's not known for their art work?

Sez who? Once the Romans experienced the Pax Romana their art work flourished. Their mosaics and murals are unrivaled in the ancient world and the art of the fresco is purely Roman. They made innovations in architectural columns and in architecture itself by use of the dome.

Why is hypatia remembered?

She is remember for her brutal & unjust murder at the hands ofChristian religious fanatics.

Was hypatia a pagan?

Yes. As she was a Greek neoplatonist, she would qualify as pagan by the definition established by the early Roman Catholic Church.

What killed hypatia?

a mob of christians pushed her down the street and killed her with shingles and burned her when they tore her skin off

Is Hypatia atheist?

She was a NeoPlatonist, probably a skeptic. Certainly not a Christian, which was something of a hazard at a time when Christianity was young and overzealous.

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What did hypatia do as a kid?

Records about the early life of people from that time are really non-existent. She was the daughter of the last Librarian of the Library of Alexandria and the first women to be prominent in the field of mathematics. I imagine she spent much of your youth studying.

How was hypatia brave?

Hypatia was more likely a victim of being at the wrong place at thewrong time, rather than being a martyr for any particular religiousor political belief. She was accused of causing a rift between the Prefect of Alexandria& the Bishop of Alexandria. Initially, the Christians whokilled Hypatia were a ( Full Answer )

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How is Hypatia important?

She was a mathematician & an astronomer, when it was unusualfor women to have occupations at the time.

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What was hypatia lifespan?

She may have been as young as forty years old, or as old as sixtyyears old when she was murdered.