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Hypoechoic lesion on a liver is usually a hemangioma. There is no way to tell whether is its benign or cancerous without a surgical biopsy.

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Q: Hypoechoic lesion liver
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What does a hypoechoic lesion in the liver mean?

A hypoechoic lesion is an abnormal area that can be seen during an ultrasound examination because it is darker than the surrounding tissue. These are dark tissues or structures that reflect relatively few of the ultrasound waves directed at them. Such abnormalities can develop anywhere in the body and do not necessarily indicate cancer. Blood tests, biopsies, and further radiological studies may be required to determine the composition of a hypoechoic lesion, sometimes referred to simply as a lesion.

What is Liver Lesion?

what is a liver lesion and what procedure is best to have done?

What is a subcapsular lesion?

small subcapsular lesion of the liver

Hypoechoic region in right lobe of liver?

heterogenous hypoechoic region is seen along resection margin post right hepatctomy

What does a 5.4 cm lesion in liver mean?

This medical term means that there is a wound, ulcer, abscess, or tumor on your liver. The 5.4 cm represents the size of the lesion.

What causes liver lesion?

What causes liver lesions? Alcoholism or and related diseases, or internal injury

Anechoic lesion in liver measuring 1.6x1.6x1.5cm could it be cancerous?


What causes 17.6 cm lesion on the liver?

A 17.6-cm lesion on the liver could be caused by a number of things. Cancer may be a cause. Non-cancerous possibilities include adenomas and hemangiomas.

What is a echogenic lesion on the liver?

Results from a liver scan said the following: Liver is enlarged in size with echogenic parenchyma and moderate degree of attenuation. What does that mean?

What is a hypodense liver lesion?

A hypodense liver lesion is a lesion that appears darker than the surrounding liver parenchyma on a CT or x-ray image, implying that it is less dense to x-ray than the surrounding tissue. It may be idiopathic or represent lymphoma, angiosarcoma, disseminated TB, fungal infection, or varicella zoster, among other things.

What is Hyperintense T2 signal mass right lobe of the liver?

what is hyper intense t2 lesion in the right liver lobe

What is a hypoattenuating lesion in the liver?

A hypoattenuating lesion is a type of abnormal tissue that can show up on computed tomography. On the scan, the lesion shows up as brighter and whiter than what is considered normal. The lesion can indicate an array of medical issues and it warrants further investigation.

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