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Get a blood test. My mom was 3 months pregnant and home test was negative..Blood test are 100% positive

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โˆ™ 2008-07-24 04:49:17
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Q: I'm 4day's late negative pregnancy test pregnancy symptoms are you pregnant?
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4days before a woman as a period and 4days after is it the safe not to get pregnant?

condoms are a lot safer

Can you get pregnant 4days before period is due?

You can get pregnant at any time during your cycle

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You had unprotected sex 4days ago you don't want to be pregnant now what should you do now?

First, stop having unprotected sex. Second, you need to wait for about a week and get a home pregnancy test and take it to find out if you are pregnant. Go from there with the results of this test.

Can you be pregnant if you bled for 4days but didnt lose your lining?

Ah, you did loose your lining. That what the bleeding was, so most likely you aren't pregnant.

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Im 4days late for my period usually im always on time...ive taken 2 Store pregnancy tests and they were both neg. No other preg symptoms. Any other sugges that may answer the hopeful quest.AM I?

you may just be stressing to much and that caused a delay in your period try not to worry to much

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