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Ibm 1401 is a first generation computer

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The first computer introduced in Nepal?

IBM 1401 is the first computer in nepal

Is IBM 1401 is the first computer introduced in Nepal?

The National Computer Center of Nepal had an IBM 1401 at least several years before 1978. It was use for many purposes including census and Royal Nepal Airlines. It was certainly the first large computer used there.

What are some examples of the second generation of computer?

IBM 1620IBM 1401DEC PDP-1CDC 1604Univac Solid StateIBM 7070IBM 7080IBM 7090IBM 7094etc.

When was second generation of computer started?

Roughly 1958, when IBM introduced their 7090 scientific computer.

Who introduced in 1994 the a personal computer called the PC AT?

IBM introduced the PC AT in 1984, not 1994.IBM introduced the PC AT in 1984, not 1994.IBM introduced the PC AT in 1984, not 1994.IBM introduced the PC AT in 1984, not 1994.IBM introduced the PC AT in 1984, not 1994.IBM introduced the PC AT in 1984, not 1994.IBM introduced the PC AT in 1984, not 1994.IBM introduced the PC AT in 1984, not 1994.IBM introduced the PC AT in 1984, not 1994.IBM introduced the PC AT in 1984, not 1994.IBM introduced the PC AT in 1984, not 1994.

What has the author James A Saxon written?

James A Saxon has written: 'Programming the IBM 1401, a self-instructional programmed manual [by] James A. Saxon [and] William S. Plette' -- subject(s): IBM 1401 (Computer), Programming

When was the IBM Selectric typewriter first introduced?

The IBM Selectric typewriter was first introduced in July 1961. It was one of the most successful typewriters of that generation. The line was replaced in 1984 with the IBM Wheelwriter.

Who bought the first computer in Pakistan?

Pakistan International Airlines purchased and installed the first computer in Pakistan. This took place in 1967, and the computer was an IBM 1401.

What were the main computers in the second generation?

Some of the more widely known second generation computers were:IBM 7090IBM 7070IBM 7080IBM 7010IBM 7030 StretchIBM 1620IBM 1401IBM 1410IBM 1440UNIVAC IIIUNIVAC Solid State (used some tubes, some transistors, and lots of FERRACTOR magnetic amplifiers)UNIVAC 1107DEC PDP-1DEC PDP-6Minuteman I Guidance ComputerCDC 1601CDC 3600CDC 6600CDC 7600etc.

When was the Winchester computer drive introduced?

In 1973, IBM developed the Winchester computer drive

Which company produced Worlds first laptop computer?

IBM 5100 (LAPTOP) was a portable computer introduced in September 1975, by the IBM Corp.

Who is the first computer programmer of IBM 1620 in 1964?

As the IBM 1620 was introduced by IBM in 1959 there were many programmers long before 1964.

When did IBM sell its first computer?

The IBM Personal Computer, commonly known as the IBM PC, is the original version and progenitor of the IBM PC compatible hardware platform. It is IBM model number 5150, and was introduced on August 12, 1981.

What the full meaning of IBMPC?

IBM was the company that introduced the personal computer. The acronym IBM PC stands for an International Business Machine Personal Computer.

When did IBM sell its first electronic computer?

From what I can gather, the IBM Portable Computer was introduced in 1975 at a selling price of $9000 and weighed about 50 lbs.

When did IBM develop the first personal computer?

IBM introduced the first personal computer (PC) in the fall of 1981, causing a dramatic increase in the microcomputer market.

Names of the computers used in the second generation?

Some second generation computers:IBM 7090IBM 7094IBM 7080IBM 7070IBM 7072IBM 7074IBM 7030 StretchIBM 7010IBM 1401IBM 1410IBM 1440IBM 1620UNIVAC IIIUNIVAC 1107UNIVAC Solid State (had a few vacuum tubes, many transistors, but was mostly Feractor magnetic amplifiers)DEC PDP-1DEC PDP-6DEC PDP-8 (original model, later models were third generation)CDC 6600CDC 7600CDC 3600CDC 1604CDC 160etc.

How many transistor used in second generation computer?

Varied widely depending on requirements of the computer.The IBM 1620 a small scientific computer had from 1500 to 5000 transistors in the CPU depending on options included.The IBM 1401 a small business computer had about 10000 transistors in its CPU.The IBM 7030 Stretch a supercomputer had about 170000 transistors.The CDC 6600 a supercomputer had about 384000 transistors.The CDC 7600 a supercomputer had about 2900000 transistors.You can compare this to first generation computers, the largest of which the IBM AN/FSQ-7 had about 50000 vacuum tubes.You can compare this to modern multicore microprocessor based computers, a typical one of which has a couple hundred billion transistors per processor core integrated on one chip.

The binary system used by a digital computer?

Binary is what digital computers operate on, yes.Most use binary, but some have used decimal using various encodings. Some decimal machines were:ENIACUNIVAC IUNIVAC IIIBM NORCIBM 702IBM 705IBM 7010IBM 7070 familyIBM 7080IBM 1401 familyIBM 1620etc.

What was the name of IBM's first computer?

First IBM PC (Personal Computer) was IBM model number5150, which was introduced on August 12, 1981.IBM's first electronic digital computer was the 701 Defense Calculator, introduced in 1952.IBM's first computer was the Harvard Mark I, in 1942, but it was electromechanical.

What was the second generation computer size?

Second generation computers (transistorized computers) varied in size from about the size of a two drawer file cabinet (e.g. Autonetics RECOMP-II) to occupying a significant part of a room (e.g. IBM 7090, IBM 7030 Stretch, UNIVAC III, UNIVAC 1107, DEC PDP-10). The image above shows the prototype for the IBM 1620, a transistorised computer roughly the size of an office desk, introduced in 1959.

What is the OS2 system?

OS/2 is a computer operating system, initially created by Microsoft and IBM, then later developed by IBM exclusively. The name stands for "Operating System/2," because it was introduced as part of the same generation change release as IBM's "Personal System/2 (PS/2)" line of second-generation personal computers.

In what computer generation did printer originated?

The first computer printers were just existing electromechanical accounting machines, modified to connect to the computer instead of printing from punchcards. They were introduced on the earliest commercially available first generation computers (e.g. UNIVAC I, IBM 701, IBM 702).Because they were very slow compared to the computer, in many cases they were actually connected "indirectly": the computer wrote the text to a magnetic tape then the operator took the magnetic tape to an offline tape drive that read it and sent the text to the printer.

What is the name of a first generation computer?

Here are some first generation computers:ABCENIACColossusEDSACEDVACInstitute for Advanced Studies ComputerMANIACIBM 701UNIVAC IUNIVAC IIIBM 702IBM 704IBM 709ILLIAC IWhirlwindAN/FSQ-7UNIVAC 1101UNIVAC 1102UNIVAC 1103UNIVAC 1104UNIVAC 1105etc.

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