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It depends on what you value. The advantage humans have over all of the other animals is our intellect. We can imagine and create complex objects. If you value intellect then an IQ of 125 is very good. You are definitely capable of getting an 'A' grade in just about any undergraduate college course. If on the other hand, you value popularity, good looks and want to be a "rock star", an IQ of 125 will probably be a deterrent, since shallow people tend to not be quite that bright. Also, IQ has nothing to do with age. Your IQ would be the same no matter how old you were.

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108 is around the normal. Do not let IQ numbers indicate to you what you are capable of doing. 90% of your ability comes from the heart. If you develop a passion for accomplishing something and you really put everything into; you will do it. Now, your IQ if valid, says do not worry, go for what you want.

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122 is average at any age however its not entirely accurate at age 13 best to wait 3 years before you test again if its 122 then you are better off than most people.

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That is a high IQ. The average IQ is 100.

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Q: I am 13 and my IQ is 125 is that good?
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Is an IQ of 125 good for an 13 year old?

the average is 100 so he is way above average. Also IQ doesn't change by age.

Is 125 a good IQ score for a 12-year-old?

125 is a good IQ score for anyone. Your IQ changes very little over your lifetime. 100 is average IQ.

Is your IQ good?

Yup. 125.

Is an IQ score of 125 good?

Yes, 125 is well above average.yes

Is 125 a good IQ score for a 9 year old boy?

yes! this is a great IQ score! you are verysmart!

Is 125 IQ for a teen girl is good?

Yes, that is good for anyone and is above average. A person with an IQ between 90 and 110 is considered average.

Is 151 a good IQ for a 13 year old boy?

By my research, yes. An IQ of ~100 is average for anybody. Just to make you feel good about yourself Einstein's IQ was 160. I too am 13 years of age and have an IQ of 151.

Is 116 a good IQ for a 13-year-old girl?

Yes, but IQ has nothing to do with age. But your IQ will change in time if it is not.

Is 149 IQ good for 13 yo?


How is an IQ of 125?

125 would be above average or 'gifted'

How good is a 125 on an IQ test?

It's above average. That's not really either "good" or "bad", it's just a thing that is. About one person in 21 has an IQ this high or above.

Is 70 good or normal IQ for a 13 year old boy?

No the average is 100 IQ points