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Don't worry about it!! I got my period when i was fourteen during the summer! I was so scared i was never going to get it! But when i did i was like freak why did i want this..So if anything enjoy it while you can babe. and you WILL get your period trust me..the late the better

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14y ago
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Perfectly normal if you haven't gotten it yet. Some get it early and others later.

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13y ago

rush to see doctor.

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Q: I am 14 why haven't I started my period?
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If you were 14 and you have not started your period should you be worry?

nope, i have but i know theres people in my year who havent, im nearly 14

What else can make you miss a period?

i havent not started my period for September or october

Can girls produce discharge even if they havent started their period?

Yes (:

Havent had a normal period since May 14 hardly bleed at all when you get your period?

same with me.

You havent started your period but you have cramps and brown spotting at the end of your sugar pills?

That sounds like a typical period when on the pill.

I havent started my period and i started taking my last row of birth control and my period won't start?

It is probably a side effect of the BCP. Just keep on taking them as ordered.

Is it possible to get aids if you havent started your period yet?

yes there is more than one way to get aids.

I am nearly 16 and still havent started my period what shall i do?

Go to the doctor and get some girl hormones.

You have light bleeding like once a day for like 3 days but havent started your period?

you could be pregnant

You are almost 13 and you havent started your period yet is tht normal?

Yes quite normal, I have two daughters one started when she was 11 and the other only started at 17.

If there is crusty stuffand wet stuff in your underwear what does it mean i havent gotten my period eitheri havent even started it?

if it is white or clear it means that you are now going into the stage called puberty.

If you are 15 and havent started your period yet would you be worried you are 5'1'' and weigh 43kg help?

nevermind, I started like 3 hours after asking this xD