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You don't need to worry about scholarship searches now. I have three kids, all of them went to college on full rides plus some money for expenses. All you can do now is work on your academic accomplishments, make sure you stay in the clubs and you've joined for all four years, and make an effort to take a leadership role in those clubs and organizations. Harvard can afford to take you if they want you. Be the kind of student they want.

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Q: I am 14 years old and I want to go to Harvard university and I need a way to find scholarships that I can apply for. I don't live in Mass..Can anyone help me?
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Can anyone suggest any foreign university scholarships in Dubai?

Middlesex University is one of the UK's most respected institution and they have recently opened a campus in Dubai.

Do Muslims get admission in havard university?

Should a person qualify on academic grounds, Harvard has no policy to disbar anyone for religious reasons.

Can I get into Harvard even if im not from Canada?

Of course. Anyone can get get into Harvard regardless of his/her nationality.

Where can I find information on leadership scholarships?

The ideal/perfect place for the information you seek about scholarships to apply for is the University of Oxford. They offer numerous upon numerous opportunities for anyone to apply for a leadership scholarship. For more information, you can visit there site at

What is the financial aid offered and received at Harvard university?

That highly depends on your personal financial situation as it does with any college. I personally didn't get offered anything by Harvard (and chose to go to a different school). Harvard is more expensive than a lot of (non-Ivy) schools, so if you get scholarships you will need more of them. If you get loans you will need more of them. Or else there will just plain be a lot left over you will have to pay. My understanding is that the school itself offers scholarships to some students based on academic/sports skill or need, which is likely, but I cannot comment on that. Question is: why do you want to go to Harvard if there is concern about affording it? It is true that the name can get you far, but debt sucks. Are you considering going on to graduate school? (Assuming you are looking at undergraduate right now?) If so, my advice is to go to a cheaper school and apply to Harvard for graduate. Honestly, the only name anyone cares about is where your last degree came from, not your first.

What makes a person eligible for nursing scholarships?

Anyone can be eligible for nursing scholarships. Talk with the school you are interested in, and they will help you get one.

How can i get a full scholorship?

Any Ivy League school like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc. doesn't offer any merit based scholarships because anyone who is accepted deserves a merit scholarship. Their financial aid is strictly need-based. SO if you want a scholarship, you will needs to go to places like FAFSA (google it) and apply to all the scholarships you are eligible for. If you are good enough to go to Harvard, you will definitely get the scholarship.

What are the eligibility requirements for college scholarships?

You need to be eligible based on your personal situation being who you are or how you are currently. Different scholarships are looking for different people, but rest assured that all in all there are scholarships that anyone can get.

Where is the best place for a military spouse or anyone to find college scholarships online?

See related links for information about military-related scholarships.

Is Fresno state a public university?

Do you mean the university formally known as California State University -Fresno? If so, yes, it's a public university. If you mean "the Fresno State University of Bumfuggle Kansas (or wherever)", then it's probably a diploma mill (though if you're going to appropiate a real university's name, I don't know why anyone would go for CSUF over, say, Harvard or Stanford).

Whether there is any way I can be able to get easy scholarships online to fund my online education.?

Yes, try these websites: or

Can American Indians go to college for free?

No more than anyone else, through scholarships.