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I am 17 and 5'9 size 11 shoes how tall will I get?


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October 22, 2009 5:41PM

I'm 25 years old so I'm done growing. I'm 5'9, size 11 shoes. So it's possible you will stay this height. I would compare yourself to the women in your family. My mom is only 5'5 but has fairly large feet for her height (size 8) so this may be why my feet are big for my height too. If your mom, grandma, sister etc have small/average feet for their heights, you may grow more; if their feet are large for their heights, you may not grow anymore. Also this depends on your age; when did your female relatives stop growing, and when did they experience their biggest growth spurts? Doing a little research may help you to determine how tall you will ultimately be.