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keep adding text in a separate video layer. Its time consuming but if you love the video it will seem like no time to do it.

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Q: I got Sony Vegas Pro 8 but how do I add subtitles?
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How do you add downloaded fonts into Sony Vegas 9.0 Pro?

into your font directory in the C:\Windows\Fonts directory , copy and paste than it will pick it up next time you load it up.

How do you add multiple effects to Sony Vegas?

add the first effect now go back into it, press the green cross like shaped thing called plug in chain than you can add more

Is there a program that lets you add subtitles to .mp4 files without first having .srt files?

I use iDealshare VideoGo to add subtitles to MP4, it also helps to add subtitles to other video like AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, VOB and etc. Step by step guide at It has both Mac version and Windows version. It even has the feature of extract subtitles from video or removing subtitles from video

What is the best video editing freeware that allows you to cut out parts of the video add items to the video in the middle of the video?

Sony Vegas StashSpace.Com's StashBox

Where could one find instructions online about how to add subtitles to DVD's?

One could find instructions online about how to add subtitles to DVD's in many different places. Lifehacker has an excellent tutorial on the subject. The VSO software forums also have information about how to add subtitles to DVD's.

What happened to one piece subtitles since Davy back fight arc on animehere?

No one was there to add subtitles.

How do you add subtitles permanent to avi file?

You can hardcode subtitles to AVI file through a program called Free HD Video Converter Factory. It has a subtitle option which allows you to add .srt and other types of subtitles to videos permanently.

What kind of memory does Sony PCM-D50 have?

The Sony PCM-D50 comes with 4GB of built-in memory, but the Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo Slot allows you to add up to 4GB more of memory.

What dazzle DVD recorder records in black and white?

None to my knowledge. But you can just add an effect to make it black and white like in windows movie maker or sony vegas.

How can you add subtitles to online divx videos if you cant then tell you how to add subtitles to other online videos?

You could download a file extension which would work across the span of your PC of google chrome!

Masking in sony Vegas 9?

add an extra layer , text is just a text layer, for say cutting out stuff or whatever it can get kind of confusing for beginners but be sure to youtube it for a visual look.

How do you get slow motion with Sony Vegas Pro 9?

right click anywhere on the video, now look for insert and remove envelopes. Afterwords down is slower up is higer with those new lines on the video to represent it. right click to add more or less squares which can speed up or slow down parts. Easy right if not message me.