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The Eon Ticket is not a Pokémon award. It is a Pokemon Event that has the Eon Ticket given to you. Sadly this event is over so there's no way to get it unless you know someone who got the real Eon Ticket into their game and if you do, you can mix records with them and it'll bring the Eon Ticket into your game. I believe the purple end of the Link Cable has to be inserted into the Ruby/Sapphire game in order for it to mix records so that it'll send its legit Eon Ticket over to Emerald but remember the Eon Ticket has to be legally acquired via the E-Reader if you have one in Ruby or Sapphire.

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Q: I have 100 Pokemon and Professor Oak still doesn't give me the Eon Ticket. Why?
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The English Name for the Professor is Juniper so it is still a tree

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How do you get the eon ticket on Pokemon ruby?

theirs a Pokemon event that already passedYou can still get an Eon Ticket by mixing records with someone whom already has one.

How do you get jirachi from the Pokemon collosseum bonus disc?

you still need the eon ticket

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After you see EVERY Pokemon in the original Pokedex you go and visit the professor in Sandgem town then professor oak will come and give it to you then you also unlock the pal Park still must migrate Pokemon at the pal park

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U R NooB

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What is eight island in Pokemon Emerald?

It isn't called "Eight Island" in Pokemon Emerald, like it is in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. It's still called "Navel Rock" and it is still home to Lugia and Ho-oh. The only way to reach it in Emerald is to receive the Mystic Ticket. Sorry, I don't know how to get the Mystic Ticket, but I think you need to go to a Nintendo Event to get it.

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