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You can stop in at your home county community college and ask for an application. You can also speak with an enrollment specialist in the admissions area. They will appropriately direct you, and give you all the information necessary in terms of the process. It is relatively an easy process. When you are in your first semester, make sure you see an career counselor so that you can choose your overall career goals and objectives. The community college system is a great place to start!

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Q: I have a G.E.D what do you need to have to start on your associates degree?
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What types of jobs can one get with an associates degree?

It really depends on the subject area of the associates degree and whether or not vacancies are available. In terms of educational qualification, an associates degree comes in between a GED and a bachelor's degree. Therefore, an associates degree holder would be picked before a GED only holder.

Can you be an accountant with a GED?

Yes you can. You need to find a 2 or 4 year school that will accept a GED for entry. You may have to start at a community college and get an Associates Degree. Once you receive that from an accredited college, look to an accredited 4 year college to get your Bachelors Degree.

What college can i get my GED and associate's degree?

Bramsonort college offers a GED and associates degree in the feild of your choice in 18 months.

what education level is needed to start a degree ?

To start a degree program you need a high school diploma or GED.

Does an AAA degree count as a GED?

No it does not count as a GED, because they are different. However, because you have the associate degree, the GED is a moot issue, because the associates is a higher level of education. If you were asked on - lets say - job application as to your education, you would indicate associates of arts, and indicate the major.

How much training do you need to become a Cosmetologist?

Some states only require a High School diploma or a GED, but in other states it is required to have an Associates Degree.

What degree do you need to become a cosmetologist?


Is associate's degree the Same has a GED or high school diploma?

No. An AS (Associates of Science) or AA (Associates of Arts) are both two year college degrees, usually only offered by community colleges. A GED is an approximate equivelent for a graduation from a high school. (This answer is for United States education systems.)

Is a certificate and diploma required before a degree can be applied for?

No, you can apply directly for the degree program. Some individuals start out with the associate degree, while others go directly for the bachelor's degree. You will need a high school diploma or GED.

Do you need a collage degree to be in the army?

No. A high school diploma or GED will work. If you want to be a officer you do need a college degree.

Do you need an education to get a job at a bank?

Yes, an education is needed to get a job at the bank. With at least GED or high school diploma, you may work at a bank. And if you decide to get an associates degree you'll have a better chance at moving up.

Can you earn a bachelor's degree with a GED education?

If you have a GED, and have chosen to pursue a bachelor's degree the answer is, you can! If you do not meet the entrance requirements of a four year college or university you can start at your home county community college. After completing your associates degree, you can then transfer to the four year school of your choice. I would advise you complete the associates first, however, if you do not wish to that you can transfer earlier however the four year institutions typically want to see a good solid two semesters before they make an admissions decision.