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I believe this spider friend of yours is a jumping spider, although there are lots of other Spiders out there who are yellow, grey, black, orange and brown.

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The Phidippus Jumping Spider is common within North America. It is gray with an orange back, and is very furry.

It sounds like you could be describing the Daring Jumping Spider.

a jumping spider can eat anything

A kind of spider that has a black body with three orange dots is a daring jumping spider, also known as Phidippus audax. As the spider matures, the spots tend to turn white.

The bold jumper spider is a common jumping spider found all over North America. The spider is black with a white, orange or red triangular spot on its abdomen.

There are a number of jumping spiders that are orange and black such as phidippus whitmani, phidippus cardinalis, and phidippus pulcherrimus. Others that are orange and black are castianeira amoena and misumenoides formosipes.

No a jumping spider can kill a black widow. A jumping spider killed our huge black widow that killed another spider.

I believe its a jumping spider

Daring Jumping Spider

My guess is that this spider you saw was either a Jumping Spider (quite possibly a Daring Jumping Spider) or a Parson Spider.

Jumping Spider lives in the rain forest BIG ZERO! In my mentors car i saw a jumping spider n in my house there is jumping spiders

It is the White Tale Spider.

Jumping Spider. :) A Jumping spider is in the Kingdom Animalia! Not the Kingdom Archaea!

The jumping spider family, Salticidae, contains more than 5000 species of jumping spiders. The best way to avoid a jumping spider is to get rid of it, either by catching it with a tissue or using a flyswatter to squish it.

A pumpkin spider, or an orange orb-weaver spider.

yes , for example a Jumping Spider ,

360 degrees. These little guys can also see better than a hawk.

An orange spider with a spot on its back may be an orange garden spider. They can bite humans but their venom is weak.

The spider that has the best eye sight is the jumping spiders because they need to see where they are jumping.

No, a jumping jack is a type of ant

Orb weaver spider has an orange belly.

*Phidippus audax* is a common spider in the United States. and is among the larger American jumping spiders. Its body length is about 0.5 inch. The largest jumping spider, *Hyllus diardi*, is about 1 inch long, but they are not found in the U.S.

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