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== == There is no risk to you or the baby from your nipple ring as long as you maintain a normal hygiene routine. Many pierced mothers say that there is no need to take the ring out while breast feeding as it has no adverse effect on the baby's ability to 'latch on' and it is less stressful to the mother and the piercing to leave it in place. Keep it clean and you will have no problems. The female nipple has many milk ducts and the piercing just acts as additional paths for the flow - if it is already well-established, as in your case, the ducts will have settled down, so there is a very small chance that it will act as a path for infection. Many women find that their bodies heal better during pregnancy, due to the hormonal changes, so this would be a good time to have the other nipple pierced to match the first one. Talk to your piercer.

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How many months does an unborn baby have to be to get a DNA test?

i want to get a na test and im 3 months pregnant

Who is pregnant with 2pac's unborn child?

who is the one that is pregnant with 2pac's unborn child? and by the way is 2pac even dead? and with unborn baby is it still in the moms stomach or is it a miscarage that she had?

Can HIV cannot be transmitted from mother to unborn child?

Transmission of HIV from mother-to-child can occur during pregnancy or after birth during breastfeeding. With routine HIV testing of pregnant mothers the occurance of this is low.

Is it bad to not go to a check up when you are 5 months pregnant?

Yes. A pregnant woman should be followed as early as possible by a doctor not only for the monther's safety but the unborn child's.

What is an unborn child in the first two months of pregnancy called?

During the first two months of pregnancy the unborn child is known as an embryo.

Can your unborn baby get pregnant?

If you're human, no.

Can you take excedrin while breastfeeding?

here is what it said on their website.If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use. It is especially important not to use aspirin during the last 3 months of pregnancy unless definitely directed to do so by a doctor because it may cause problems in the unborn child or complications during delivery.

Can a cat get pregnant at four months old?

Yes, it is not impossible for a cat to become pregnant at four months old. However, it is best to spay a cat if she has her first season at such a young age, as she is just a kitten herself. It would be incredibly dangerous (and possibly fatal) for her and any unborn kittens if she were allowed to get pregnant.

During the first two months of pregnancy the unborn child is known as?

During the first two months of pregnancy the unborn child is known as an embryo.

What is the condition of an animal with an unborn offspring?


What does it mean to have a dream about your unborn child?

If you are pregnant, it means you are quite normal. Many, if not all, pregnant women dream about their unborn child. If you are not pregnant, dreaming of an unborn child might relate to something you hope to do or something you hope to become. It could reflect your efforts to make yourself into a better person.

You are three months pregnant and smoked two blunts in the second month and one in the third will the weed effect your unborn?

lol no just try not to smoke anymore if you now know you are pregnant because that would just be irresponsible

How long does adderall stay in unborn baby's system?

about 3 months about 3 months

What are the effects of malaria on pregnant women and her unborn child?


Do monkeys carry their babies?

Yes, most baby monkeys will cling tightly to their mothers when traveling. Pregnant females "carry" their unborn offspring for several months before they are born.

What are the Symptoms after spaying a pregnant dog?

It is not possible to spay a pregnant dog without killing the unborn puppies.

If your three months pregnant and your not showing what does that mean?

Pregnancy is different for every woman. If you are worried, finding medical care (eg midwife) is a good way to monitor the development of your unborn baby.

You are pregnant uh 5 months your husband does cocaine sometimes will this affect your unborn baby?

if it's bothering you, the stress can cause undo harm on the fetus. otherwise i don't see the connection?

What are the effects of a pregnant woman smacking her head for her and her unborn child?

A headache.

Is the radiation from laptop harmful for pregnant women and unborn babies?


Will constipation cause a pregnant woman's unborn child not move?

No it would not.

What is a sonagraphs?

a sonagraph is used for pregnant women to see their unborn babies

Can hydrocodone 7.5 harm a unborn baby at 7 months?

Not really

If you are dilated or effaced will sex make you go into labor?

You shouldn't be having sex when you are dilated and or after 9 months pregnant. It could be dangerous to the unborn child. As for your question, It probably could bring on labor.

Can you get rid of an unborn baby if you are five months pregnant?

Depends on where you live. If you live in the US you would have to go to a state where it's legal up to week 24. You find abortion providers at

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