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Q: I heard that our school is getting a new mascot?
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What is the verb phrase in you heard that our school is getting a new mascot?

A verb phrase is the verb and its dependents (objects, complements, and other modifiers), but not the subject or its dependents.The verb phrase in the sentence is "heard that our school is getting a new mascot".The subject is the pronoun "You".Note: "that our school is getting a new mascot" is a relative clause functioning as the direct object of the verb 'heard'.

What is the mascot for Clifton High School in Clifton New Jersey?

The Mascot for Clifton High School in Clifton, New Jersey Seems to Be the Clifton Mustang. the Athletics Teams at That Public School Seems to Be Have That Mascot.

Which high school has the unicorn as its mascot?

The High school which toots the Unicorn as its mascot is New Braunfels High School located in New Braunfels Texas. The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, North Carolina also has the unicorn as its school mascot.

What school has a bird as a mascot?

New England

Madison Central High School in New Jersey mascot?


What school has a mascot that's a dinosaur?

Marlton Elementary in New Jersey Carbon High School in Price, Utah

What is the mascot of john Adams high school in ozone park New York?


What is the school mascot at University of New Haven?

They don't have a football team, but their mascot is the Nor'easter "Stormin' Norman"

Is Santa Fe high school huskies or wolves?

The mascot for Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, New Mexico is the Demons

MAscot of New Mexico?

The "Lobo" is the official mascot of the University of New Mexico.

What is the mascot of the New York Mets?

The Yankees currently do not have a mascot.

What is the New York Yankees team mascot?

The New York Yankees never had a mascot.