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Q: I need a replacement magazine for my marlin model 989 m2?
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Need a clip for a model 42 coast to coast 22lr?

Your rifle is a Marlin Model 70. Most gun shops can get a magazine for you- the same magazine is used for several Marlin 22s. You can also order one for $18.60 plus shipping from the website for gunpartscorp. It is Product No. 438340A.

Marlin 22 rifle parts list?

I need magazine tube with spring . rifel model 81 dl 22 bolt action.

How old is a marlin model 1893 serial?

Need serial #

What is the value of a Marlin pump model twenty?

Need an answer. Thank You

Where might you purchase a clip magazine for a Marlin model 56?

NUMRICH CORP. APROX. $15 EACH FOR A 10 SHOT CLIP NEW, If you need one get 2 just in case !!

When was a marlin model 39-a serial?

You will need to provide the serial number to your Marlin model 39 lever action .22cal rifle to get a date of production.

Need a schematic for a Marlin Rifle Model?

You can find it on

Can a Marlin 512 rifled barrel be fitted to a Model 55 smoothbore?

i need some info the on marlin 512 cockmaster

What is the value of the marlin serial 256539?

You will need to include the model number to get a correct answer.

How old is a Marlin Model 1893?

You would need to know the serial number to give you a exact year of production, but the Marlin Model 1893 rifle was made from 1893-1936.

I need a feeding tubes for a Marlin 22 LR Model 60?

Contact Marlin directly, they should be able to supply one for you.

What is the value of a Marlin?

you would need to supply a serial number and model number,along with the condition of your marlin to get a value.

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