I think she miss you a lot?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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To spanish:

Creo que ella te extraña demasiado.

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Q: I think she miss you a lot?
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How do you know you miss your boyfriend?

If you think about him all the time. Dream about him. And if he's the only thing on your mind that keeps you awake you miss him a lot. And you just wana be together.

Do you miss me like i miss you?

Do you ask this question a lot? I do about my best friend but they answer is THEY DO!

What does the South African slang word stax?

Stax means a lot or loads, ''I miss you stax'' = I miss you a lot

How do you say I miss you a lot in Tagalog?

To say "I miss you a lot" in Tagalog, you can say "Sobrang miss na miss kita."

Does Justin Bieber miss his mom?

Yes Justin bieber does miss his mommy a lot

What does te extrano mas?

I miss you a lot.

What does i want to you mean?

That they have a crush on you and don’t want you to leave or that they miss you a lot lot lot lot

Your exs rebound relationship lasted two months now he says he misses you and he still cares for you a lot you think hes confused and so are you?

I think if you guys both miss each other, you should get back together.

What do the kids first think causes Miss Caroline to scream?

because miss had pms

Who do you think should have won miss universe 2011?

Miss Philippines. Loved her question and answer.

Why do you miss someone you have never met?

You may miss them because you like them and want to meet them. If you talk to them a lot on the phone or on the computer, it will also make you miss them more.

How do you say i miss you a lot in french?

"tu me manques beaucoup"