I want to speak English?


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To learn how to speak English, you must first learn how to read, listen, and write in English language.


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hi i want to speak english language .. thanks

i want to speak English like a flow of water please tell me what i do improve my English?

if we want to speak english easily then firstly we have to know some english words and their meanings and if you want to learn anything in your life you have to feel it

Kangaroos always speak English they speak it every day

I want to speak to you I want to talk with you

when we want to success but we can't speak a single word in english. we will not get success.

i want to speak English as fluent

Learn how to speak English, then rephrase your question.

The English speak countries want English be the world language

so every one can understand you!!!!stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hey wanna go out sometime?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO UNDERSTAND EVERYONE AND SPEAK WITH EVERYONE

actually it depends on the puerto rican like if they want to speak it they can learn it and if they were raised in Baltimore or somewhere where they spoke english,which is very rare then they are most likely to speak english.But most puerto ricans can't speak English.

No, The correct form would be "I want to make him speak English". The word "to"is a preposition so therefore must take a noun as its object. The work "speak" is a verb in this sentence so therefore "to speak" would be incorrect. Get rid of the"to"before the word speak. (This is only for this sentence. There are other instances where "to speak" is correct.)

Perhaps they want to learn English better. Perhaps they want to attend a better school.

Some outsiders speak English, and some outsiders do not speak English.

Because the Irish didn,t want to speak English.

"He does not", or, "he doesn't speak English" would be correct. It would never be 'he do not speak English,' as that is incorrect grammar.

This is a question that would take an entire book to answer. I recommend that you get such a book, or one of the good language programs such as Rosetta Stone, if you want to learn how to speak English.

If someone asks you in English "Do you speak English?" they simply want to know if you can understand a certain amount of English. However, it may also be used sarcastically, meaning something like "you must not speak English, because if you did, you would have understood" (or, sometimes, "... you wouldn't have said something as dumb as you just said").

He can speak broken english :)

Learn to speak English if you want your question answered.

"Tú quieres hablar inglés"

Yes he can speak English but he prefers to speak spanish

Hablar If you want to TELL someone to speak in Spanish, it is "Habla español." Hablar means "to speak."

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