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Ways of checking the validity of information

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Identify two sources of white light?

The two sources of white light are: *visible light *The Sun.

Describe two sources of fresh water?

river and lakes

What are the two sources of information?

books and internet

Describe two major sources of genetic variation?

mutation and recombination

Identify two sources of advice and assistance in small businesses?

financial and non-financial

Identify two sources of energy that generators use to create electricity?

water and wind

What two groups of properties are used to identify describe and classify matter?

Chemical and Physical

What two groups or properties are used to identify describe and classify matter?

chemical and physical are the two groups or properties

What two pieces of information do you need two describe force?


What are the two word that describe DNA?

genetic information

Identify two micro organisims which can lead to food poisoning and name three sources?

# protozoa # fungi

Describe the two types of numbering used to identify groups on the periodic table?

Don't cheat by this. By: Hibbets

What two pieces of information do you need to describe force?

Two pieces of information you need IS STRENGTH & DIRECTION This is correct not ANYTHING ELSE.

Where can one get information on safe investments?

There are many great sources of information on safe investing. Franklin Templeton and Get Rich Slowly are two great sources online for information. You can also contact your personal financial advisor.

What two piece of information do you need to describe force?

Strength & direction.

Identify two companies which have recently merged Try to read the published information on the two companies Based on your study identify the present status of the merged company and its efforts in?

Pata nahi

The record step in EOR is a two phase process identify the two phases?

Mark the area write down the information

The record step in eor is a two-phase process identify the two phases?

Mark the area Write down the information

What does conjection mean?

When a conflict arises from two sources of information which should be the same, but are totally different.

The two main types of sources historians use to gather information about the past are?

maps ,artifacts

Describe two examples of inherited conditions and disease Identify the mechanisms by which these conditions and diseases are inherited?

Information or material for review comes from which two major sources?

The sources that are needed for reviewing depends on that a person or student is going to review or the topic of interest. Most major sources come in two forms: peer reviewed journal articles and/or books.

Why do people use Wikipedia and WikiAnswers?

They are looking for information and these are two of the best sources on the web for general knowledge.

What are the two main sources of genetic information?

inherited - from you parents or grandparents and so on. enviromental - from your environment

Differntiate between fission and fusion in the context of library and information science?

Fission = splitting of two words Fusion = connection of two or more distinct things/bodies, information fusion, the merging of information from disparate sources