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3 (yellow marking)

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If evacuation is not possible because the hazardous material presents an immediate danger you should implement

Identify the two actions that should be taken when a hazardous material has been identified

Identify the two types of information found in the potential hazards area of the orange guide pages in the erg

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Q: Identify the area of the nfpa 704 marking that indicates the reactivity hazard?
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What NFPA 704 marking system color indicates a health hazard?

Blue. Yellow is reactivity, red is fire.

How does the National Fire Protection Agency help identify hazardous chemicals?

red= fire harzard blue= health hazard yellow= reactivity hazard white= special hazard

Match each NFPA 704 marking system description with the correct area on the NFPA marker.?

Fire Hazard: 2, Red square Special Information: 4 Health hazard: 1 Reactivity hazard: 3

Identify the military class marking that warns you that the materials may present a mass fire hazard?


What is the highest degree of a hazard identified in the diamond on the NFPA placard?

The number 4 on the NFPA 704 placard indicates the highest hazard in any of the three categories (health, fire, reactivity).

What is hazard marking for biological hazard?

The biological hazard marking is a circle overlaid by 3 linked broken circles. While it identifies something that is alive and dangerous to people, the symbol itself has no meaning.

What color is a fire hazard in the NFPA 704 marking system?

NFPA 704 Hazmat color codes:blue -- health hazard (4 being deadly)red -- fire hazard (4 being flash point below 73 F)yellow -- reactivity (4 may detonate) andwhite -- specific hazard (no water, radioactive, acid, alkali, corrosive, oxidizer)Read more: What_does_the_National_Fire_Protection_Association_704_blue_color_code_stand_for

What is the Standard hazard marking for biological hazard?

Right isosceles triangle with a blue background and red lettering

The symbol below indicates a?

Fragmentation hazard

What does RQ identify?

hazard substance

What describes the standard hazard marking for biological hazard?

Right isosceles triangle with blue background and red lettering

What is the colour and rating scale for explosive reactivity of a material in the hazard class?

Yellow 3

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