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To identify the general mood of a paragraph, look for adjectives. Then, ask if it was bright or cheerful, or sad and morose.

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Q: Identifying general mood of a paragraph?
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How did the mood of the opening paragraph contrast with the rest of the story in the minister's black veil?

The mood of the first paragraph is more of a happy one, while the rest of the story is darker.

How do long sentences set the mood of a paragraph?

about 5 or 6 lines

What is a general mood?

a mood board generator is a poster or design

what is the mood in paragraph 13 of the masque of the red death?

depressing and scared of death

What is paragraph that is 'too general'?

Too general means that you have so much information you will never get it all into just one paragraph!"Write a paragraph on science," "Write a paragraph on animals," or "Write a paragraph on cars" would be too general. There are too many different kinds of things to put into those paragraphs - you would need a book!

What was the general mood of the bicentennial?


What is identifying idea?

Identifying the idea is finding out what the main idea of a book, paragraph, and so forth. Books often have several different ideas in them with one of the ideas being the main idea.

What was the general mood of America's bicentennial?


How does setting create mood in a paragraph?

Think about this for a moment and you can figure it out. Why are horror movies usually set in dark and spooky places, and love stories usually set in romantic ones? The setting provides background for the story, and that helps to create a mood.

Is there a general introductory paragraph in a explanation text?

do now

Is the topic sentence in a paragraph more general or more specific?

General. Specifics are in the body.

Paragraph development by exemplification?

Paragraph development by exemplification mainly relies on various examples. A writer will develop a general statement in the topic and list specific examples in the paragraph.