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Check for spark

Check for fuel

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Q: If 96 subaru legacy wont start sometimes but will turn over?
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No start on a 1996 Subaru legacy?

Does it turn over? Does it have fuel? Does it have spark?

96 Subaru legacy Brighton the check engine light comes on it will turn over bt wil not start?

Check this site for information:

95 subaru legacy engine won't start turns over but does not start what are the componates that would prevent engine start?

That engine needs fuel, compression and spark to start and run. You are missing one of those.

How many kws does a 1991 2L subaru legacy gt station wagon have?

OVER 9000!

What is wrong if your 94 Subaru Legacy turns over but won't start like its flooded out?

A bad injector can cause your engine to flood out and not start. The bad injector might be completely open and shooting too much fuel into the system.

What causes a 1997 Subaru legacy to over heat?

You could be low on coolant, a stuck thermostat, engine fan not coming on for starters. If still overheats, I would recommend taking it to a Subaru dealer.

A timing belt diagram for a 1996 subaru legacy?

pretty easy, if the pulley has teeth, it goes over the top of it, if no teeth, then it goes under it.

Why is subaru legacy is hard to start in cold weather?

if it's clicking but not turning over, check the starter motor. mine wouldn't start if it got to cold, but the motor kept testing fine. i got one from a junk yard for like $20, swaped it out and haven't had a problem since.

Can someone help me with my 1995 2.2L California Subaru Legacys' timing belt?

I have a 1995 subaru legacy 2.2L, I recently replaced the water pump, just now finished putting on a new timing belt, and as I was tightening the pulley, I heard an awkward sound, and I knew something slipped. I went inside the car twisted the key and it wouldn't start... It turns over but will not start and run. Need help!

Towing capacity 95 Subaru legacy?

not a whole lot maybe 1500? not a whole lot maybe 1500? Beware the manufacturers limit on the towbar. I wouldn't try for over 750kgs (1600 lbs) unbraked, they start pushing the car around a bit when you go over that. Experience talking

Why is your 1992 subaru legacy over heating?

Any automobile that is overheating could be from a few different causes. o A bad thermostat o An obstruction in the radiator o A bad water pump

99 subaru legacy 2.5 l everything replaced in cooling system yet car over haets upon acceleration and loses antifreeze but not v?

my good sir what does v stand for?

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