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One of them is negative or both of them are zero,

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How would you define the zero vector by using the idea of components?

All components of the zero vector equal to zero.

Is Zero plus zero equal to zero?


Is A plus B equals 0 what can you say about the components of the two vectors?

All Components cancel The Component vector sum is zero Example: x-components A<------------------->B = zero same for y-components

Can the magnitude of a vector be equal to one of its components?

Yes. A vector in two dimensions is broken into two components, a vector in three dimensions broken into three components, etc... If the value of all but one component of a vector equal zero then the magnitude of the vector is equal to the non-zero component.

What does -60 plus 60 equal?


What does a minus 6 and a plus 6 equal to?


What plus one equal one?

Zero plus one equals one.

What does negative 4 plus 4 equal?

-4 plus 4 equals zero.

Is it possible for a vector to be zero if its one of the components is zero?

NO, a vector will not be zero if one of its components will be zero.

Does negative one plus one equal zero?


What does negative 5 plus 5 equal?

Zero (0)

What does zero plus negative five equal?

Negative five.

What does four plus zero equal?

4 + 0 = 4

If A plus B equals 0 what can you say about the components of the two vectors?

The component vector sum is zero and the all components cancel out.:)

Can A plus B equal zero when A and B have nonzero magnitudes?

If 'A' and 'B' are vectors, and their magnitudes are equal, andtheir directions are opposite, then their vector sum is zero.

What is negative 8 plus 8 equal?

negative eight plus eight equals zero

What does negative three minus zero equal?

"minus zero" is the same as plus zero in that it makes no difference to the sum. So the answer is -3.

What is the answer -5y plus 6 equal to?

If you do not know what y is equal to then you can not evaluate this. If it is equal to zero then y is equal to 6/5.

What is 5 to the power of zero plus negative 8 equal?


What does zero plus six equal?

The sum of 0 and 6 is 6

Can a vector have a zero magnitude if all of its components are zero?

If all the components of a vector are zero, the magnitude of the vector will always be zero.

What is 2x plus 5 not equal to 5?

2x+5 is eual to 0 because if x is zero it will equal to zero so it can be both depands on the question

Can a vector of magnitude zero have non zero components?

No. At least, if you consider the standard vectors in Rn space, often used in physics, their length (or magnitude) must always be greater than or equal to any of its components.

If the common factor x plus 1 is divided out of the original expression the reduced expression will be equal to the original expression only when x does not equal?

x does not equal -1, because if x is minus 1, x plus 1 is zero and division by zero is not defined.

Is zero less than or equal to zero?

Zero is equal to zero