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It's better to marry in USA. Then, he will be a citizen without taking a test. USA!!! Because None of You would have to take a test..but if you want to get married in a beautiful place get married in Argentina Argentina is very pretty and you are allowed to still be considered a citizen if u r married to some1 in the USA so technically you can still get married there... I hope this helps you out.


Related Questions shouldn't get married if your boyfriend is illegal.But if you had to I would say neither go for canada.

No, the Canadian has to be married to the American in order to live or work in America. Because you have to be married to an American to get a green card in order to do that.

he will stay American citizen....he has to apply to become a Canadian citizen or his wife has to apply for him and will have to tell the court that she has married him

No, You can only become a citizen if you apply for you citizenship through immigration. Being a legal resident and married to an American citizen can and will not change your immigrant statics unless you go through the right process.

Because he or she married an American citizen, he or she is now considered, by law, an American citizen. Therefore, the answer to your question is, yes.

Not unless they themselves are registered in court as an American citizen.

I am a an American citizen, and will get married in France with a retired french citizen, how to get my marriage registed in the state of NC ?

If she lives in the USA, she has the same rights as any American citizen.

a few Canadian beers ;-) If you meant "what does an American citizen need to get MARRIED in Canada" then re-post your question

Yes, but this does not make you automatically a US citizen, nor does it mean your child will be either.

No, that would be bigamy, and it's illegal (as in you can go to jail for it).

If you are married to an American citizen, living in Germany, and are a German citizen, you will likely need a Visa or a Green card to enter the US, depending on how long you will be in the US and why you are coming.

Yes , For Example... if you were in china. You were Chinese had a Chinese citizenship. Your boyfriend came and he had a Chinese Visa. You both get married= Your boyfriend is now automatically a citizen of China. But I think there is some paper work!

No she was not. She was an English citizen because she carried a british passport and driving license. She lived in London. Her father was English. She was not American just because she married an American man. She married someone else after him as well so HA!

The law in America is if your spouse is an American citizen and you have a legal wedding/cerimony the other if not already becomes an American citizen. In Canada the law could be different so check their laws. -Pokitaru

Yes, an illegal immigrant, in the US can get married to an American citizen and obtain their documents

First of all, when British citizen and an American marry's, they become an AmeriBrit and have equal rights to work in both countries on their choosing.

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