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it could turn out very orange and look terrible

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Q: If I bleach my dyed black hair with the color brilliance powder lightener from ion for 30 minutes with a 20 developer what color would it turn out?
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How can you use cream peroxide developer to lighten your black hair?

Cream developer alone will not lighten your black hair. You will need to use a bleach or lightener with the cream developer to lighten it.

Is the bleach in the store bought box the same lightener ans developer the pro's use?

no bleach will kill all the col.our in your hair while the lighhtner pros use doesnt

Is it okay to mix conditioner and lightening powder and developer to lighten hair?

Yes it is okay to add some conditioner to your developer. Everyone knows that lightener/bleach is bad for your hair and dries it out, but there are two kinds of lighteners/bleach, on the scalp and off the scalp. The on the scalp lightener already have some type of conditioning agents in it, not saying that it won't damage your hair but it is better if you use some high quality lightener and developer, as it conditions while it's lifts. You can also add some protein conditioner to your mixture you already have as it will be better for your hair and less damaging.

Could you use matrix solite developer 40 vol to bleach a skull for taxidermy work?

Developer of any volume won't do much of anything by itself. It will need to be mixed with a lightener and yes, it will be suitable for your needs once it is mixed with a lifting agent.

Is it ok to use use laundry bleach in your hair?

No. Bleach will affect your eyes, your skin and are very harmful if swallowed. Regular lightener only cost about $3.99 at the most for a pack of it and developer cost about the same if you are purchasing a one time usage procedure.

What goes first bleach or lightener?

I would say bleach so that you can get your old color off first. If you just use the lightener first it will just make your hair a lighter color.

How do you bleach just the tips of your hair?

You buy bleach developer and powder, liquid, or oil bleach. Put it on the tips of your hair and wash it with tonerafter 30 minutes or so.

Can I mix toner with bleach and developer?


What is a chemical to make hair lighter?

Hydrogen peroxide are mixed with dye and or lightener/bleach to make your hair lighter.

Can you lighten your hair with a 30 volume developer alone?

No you need the powdered bleach with the developer.

Can you bleach your hair with just 40vol. developer and no bleach powder?

No, using a developer alone without bleach powder will not effectively lighten your hair. Bleach powder is necessary to activate the lightening process. Developer alone will not provide enough lifting power to bleach your hair effectively and safely. It's important to follow proper instructions and use the correct products to avoid damaging your hair.

What does bleaching your hair do?

"Bleaching" your hair (rather lightening it, since hair "bleach" is actually an ammonia based compound as apposed to household bleach which is sodium hypochlorite...) is opening the outermost layer of the hair, called the cuticle and lifting (or lightening) its color, or melanin that is found in the cortex of the hair. Depending on the melanin and/or artificial color in one's hair, the lightener will eventually turn the hair to a pale yellow. Persistent hair lightening will damage the cuticle and lead to split ends and hair breakage, so it is advised to go to a licensed cosmetologist if someone is interested in lightening his/her hair. Applying hair bleach, also known as hair lightener (but not to be confused with household bleach) to the hair will lighten the existing color. Contrary to permanent hair color, the volume of the developer does not equate to the levels of lift, therefor, using a lower volume of developer will get the hair to the desired level of lightness with less damage.