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Q: If I shrink a zipped hoodie in warm water what would happen to the zipper?
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What word is used?

Zip, zipped and zipper

What are the differences between a zipper and Velcro?

a zipper is zipped up and down a velcro you can strap

What z-word is used most?

Zip, zipped and zipper

What are some stuff that start with z in Georgia?

Zone zipper zipped zip

What does compressed and zipped mean on a computer?

Compressed: The compressed air in bottle which can be bought at Home Depot.Zipped: When you zip up a zipper (i.e. "I zipped up my jacket.")

What is the German for zip HOODIE?

It's a hooded jacket with zipper "Kapuzenjacke mit Reißverschluß (Reissverschluss)

Does jay Adams really have a zipper tattooed on his head?

He sure does.... it's half zipped, half unzipped

What brand is the gray hoodie with the orange zipper that Dave Chapelle wore in Block Party?


What is a sweatshirt without a hood called?

A sweatshirt without a hood is called a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt with a hood is called a hooded sweatshirt or hoodie. Sweatshirts can also be defined by whether or not they have a zipper and the length of the zipper. For example, you can buy a full zip hooded sweatshirt or a quarter zip pull-over sweatshirt.

When did Operation Zipper happen?

Operation Zipper happened on 1945-09-02.

Is keep his lips zipped figurative language?

Yes, since you cannot attach a zipper to lips, the expression is not literal or realistic but rather imaginary or figurative.

Whats the difference between hoodie s and sweatshirt?

The main difference is that a hoodie will have a hood that can be used to draw up over your head. Occassionally hoodies are also have a zipper that goes down the front,like a jacket. Sweatshirts do not have hoods or zippers.