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Neutral safety switch really has nothing to do with the car moving. It is simply for starting the car in Park or neutral. Do you have the cable adjusted correctly? Drive may be where neutral was. Transmisson fluid low, transmission bad.

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Why does your 2000 Pontiac Grand Am run rough at idle while in gear but runs smoothly if placed in neutral?

Why does my 2000 Pontiac Grand Am, with a 2.4L engine, run rough at idle but runs normally when placed in neutral? I changed the plugs and air filter, but the problem continues.

Where is the G sensor on a Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 DID?

In the MItsubishi Outlander it is placed besides the hand brake, under a 4 x 7 cm. cover

What happens when charged objects placed near the neutral objects?

There will be an attractive interaction between the charged object and the neutral object.

Is sodium hydroxide an acid alkaline or neutral?

When placed in water it is alkaline

What happens when a neutron is added to a neutral atom?

well, since a neutron = 0 charge placed into a neutral which is has no charge, it stays the same.

What is meant by neutral grounding reactor?

A neutral grounding reactor is a reactor that is placed between equipment neutral and ground. These are often used to ground generators to limit ground fault current.

How do neutral objects behave when placed near charged objects?

A separation of charges can be induced in neutral objects. This will cause a dipole, and an attraction towards the charged object.

What happen to a negatively charged particle if it is placed near an electrically neutral plate?

jhgfxden bghdb

What colour would you expect litmus to be in pure water?

I think it is supposed to be PURPLE. Because of the following:It turns red when placed in acidic solutionIt turns blue when placed in alkaline solutionAnd purple when placed in neutral.

What is the solution considered to be if it has a pH lower than 7?

The ph is a temperature dependent. ph less than 7 is acidic if the solution is placed at normal temperatures i.e.25degrees.The range and the neutral point of the ph is changed according to the increase or decrease in temperature.

How has the stonhenge changed?

More Rocks Have Been Placed On Top Of The Other Rocks

Why the fuse is placed in live wire only?

So that the live wire is isolated when the fuse blows. If a fuse was placed in the neutral, the equipment would still be live when the fuse blows.

Where is a voltmeter placed in a circuit?

Place in parallel anywhere in the circuit. One lead goes to the hot, the other to the neutral.

If an object has the same density as water will it sink or float in water?

Neither, it has neutral buoyancy so will remain where placed.

Why is brushes placed at MNA in a dc generator?

to avoid sparking ,since their is no e.m.f induced in magnetic neutral axis.

Is amphiprotic the same as neutral?

Amphiprotic is not the same as nuetral. An amphiprotic substance is one which has the characteristics of both an acid and a base, and can act as either depending on which other substance it is placed with. A neutral substance is unreactive.

In Pavlovs experiment with dogs in which he demonstrated classical conditioning what was the meat powder called that was placed on the dog's tongue?

Neutral stimulus

What kind of substance is made up of neutral atoms or molecules and changes its shape and volume when placed in a new container?


Where can one get a diagram for the fuse box on a 98 galant?

the diagram is printed on top of both fuse/relay panels.unless someone has miss placed the tops. they are in the service manuals $18.95 at Autozone,etc...

Why was the date for Veterans Day changed in 1917?

the date was changed because people didn't like how the date wasn't celebrated on the right date history placed it.

Why when you turn on the ac the engine start like shaking?

If the problem disappears when the shifter in placed in neutral it could be a transmission or engine mounts

What happens if red blood cells were placed into breaker with plasma?

Nothing would happen because plasma is neutral liquid for blood.

Is salt acaline or acidic?

no salt is neutral at 25 C when NaCl is placed in water it is producing Na+ and Cl-. the two ions do not react with water as they are both weak so the solution is said to be neutral with pH of 7

Who changed Ernest Rutherford's model and placed the electrons in specific pathways around the nucleus?

Neils Bohr

Why are the brushes of a dc machine always placed at the neutral points?

The brushes of a DC machine are placed at the neutral point because this is the point when the current in the rotating part drops to zero. If the brushes are not located at the neutral point, the current is suddenly switched off and the magnetic field collapses causing high voltage spikes and arcing at the brushes - this quickly destroys the brushes. If you look inside small hobby dc motors you can often see this arcing.

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