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If a 1989 Toyota Camry has no stop lights but all bulbs and fuses and the stop light switch are OK what else should you check?


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Have you checked all the relays? If so, check the wires for shorts. If you have dash lights its probably a short. The fuse for brake lights often also carry the dash light too in an effort to let you know that you have brake lights out.


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Check the bulbs, the fuse and the brake light switch.

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The signal light switch, on your Toyota Camry, can be changed by unplugging the signal relay switch. Plug in the new relay switch.

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Turn the stupid headlight switch off. DeeDeeDee I have the same problem with my 87 Camry. You need to change the stop light switch.

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Check bulbs -- they are double filamented--smaller filament for stop lights - larger filament is for tailightsDo parking lights and dash lights work? If not could be a fuse or headlight switchCheck your relay switch located in the trunk, on the driver side, near the rear seat. Might be burned out.

There are several warning lights on the dash board of a 1993 Toyota Camry. There is a hot water warning, a low voltage warning, a low fuel warning, and several others.

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