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No. If a player elects to retire he is placed on the "voluntary retired list" and is due no further recompense under his contract.

Should he elect to unretire his rights are still retained by the club with whom he was signed when he went onto the retired list.

It is for this reason most players file for free agency when they retire.

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Q: If a MLB player is signed to a guaranteed contract for 5 years but decides to retire after 3 years not due to injury and he is still physically able to play is the contract still paid?
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No, a team does not have to keep the injured player and may release him. In order to release a player, the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article XII (Injury Protection), stipulates that an Injury Settlement with the player must be reached prior to his release. Section 2 of Article XII says: "Section 2. Benefit: A player qualifying under Section 1 above will receive an amount equal to 50% of his contract salary for the season following the season of injury, up to a maximum payment of $275,000, if he is released pursuant to Section 1(c) above in the 2006-08 League Years unless he has individually negotiated more injury protection or a larger guaranteed salary into his contract. This amount shall be increased to $300,000 in the 2009 League Year and, if they are Uncapped Years, in the 2010-11 League Years; to $325,000 in the 2010-11 League Years, if they are Capped Years; and to $350,000 in the 2012 League Year. A player will receive no amount of any contract covering any season subsequent to the season following the season of injury, except if he has individually negotiated injury protection into that contract. The benefit will be paid to the player in equal weekly installments commencing no later than the date of the first regular season game, which benefit payments will cease if the player signs a contract for that season with another Club. A player will not be entitled to such benefit more than once during his playing career in the NFL, and such benefit shall be reduced by any salary guaranteed to the player for the season following the season of injury."

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