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Most likely yes, but if you allow inbreeding later on down the line there may be genetic deformities. It should be discouraged, as to keep the gene pool wide and deep.

This should be avoided, I agree. I have a dog who is a result of an accidental breeding of mother to son, and he appears to have vision problems, as well as issues with aggression to other dogs and his intelligence level. This is only one botched breeding. With repeated breedings of closely related dogs, who knows how bad the dog might be?

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Q: If a brother and sister mate will their puppys be normal?
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Is it okay for brother and sister dogs to mate?

Yes, but there puppys may have medical problems

Can pekingese brother and sister mate?

Yes, Pekingese brother and sister can mate, but the resulting puppies will be inbred and may or may not be healthy.

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only if they are from good familys but let me ask you would you mate with your brother or sister

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they will have babies

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Yes, a brother and sister cat can mate, but it is not usually a good idea. The resulting kitten could be born with serious health problems, and could also be born stillborn or deformed.

If your guinea pigs mate but they are brother and sister will the baby be all right?

just because they are brother and sister doesn't mean that the baby would have any problems..

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Yes it is. It's better for the relationship to be mother-son or father-daughter though, but your hamster babies should be perfectly normal.

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They can, but it is NOT recommended to let them, as the kittens will most likely have defects.

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yes,but the newboren pitbull might be disformed.

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