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Q: If a cell is to big the raw materials that it needs may not?
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Watery material which contains may of the materials involved in cell metabolism?


What are the size of cells limited by?

Cell size is limited by the cell membrane surface area to cell contents volume ratio. As a cell grows it eventually reaches a point where the cell membrane is unable to transport enough materials in and out at a sufficient rate to supply the needs of the cell. Cell size may also limited by space and other environmental factors.

What is one reason that a cell needs to regulate flow across the membrane?

Because the cell requires certain substances such as oxygen and glucose, but do not need substances such as viruses or excess fat. The cell is able to control this, thereby keeping the cell as healthy as possible.

How is the business purchase of component parts and processed materials conducted?

Buyers of component parts and processed materials have well-defined specifications for their needs. They may work closely with a company in designing the components or materials they require, or they may invite bids

What generalization concerning density may be made as one considers materials from the core to the crust?

Big Check

Identify at least five ways by which a substance may enter the cell?

Osmosis, diffusion, facilitated diffusion, active transport, passive transport.

What is a perforated cell?

It is a cell with holes in it. If you are talking about a biological cell, the holes are in the cell membrane/cell wall, which will lead to its lysis (breaking apart/popping) in some cases, or in others it may lead to the cell having a greater ability to absorb materials (desirable and undesirable) from its environment.

When you enter your sim it says no service?

If your cell phone has a sim card, your phone may say out of service if you are far from a town or city. A phone needs a cell tower to work, so you may get an out of service message if you are not close to cell tower.

What keeps a cell from getting to big?

But in a very large cell, the streams of cytoplasm must travel farther to bring materials to all parts of cell.The surface area to volume ratio needs to be small in order for the cell to survive. Cells eat and poop through their membrane, so when there is not enough membrane to feed and extract waste from the volume of the cell, it divides.

Why is it important for a scientist to learn exactly how DNA cell is turned on or off?

they may evenually be able to use the nucleus of any body cell to grow any type of cell a person needs.

What does the ribosome do in mitocondria?

Ribosomes are a vital part of the cell. It provides all the nutrients the cell needs, and all the protein. this may help supply the mitochondria with energy to release

What does mitochondtia do for the animal cell?

Mitochondria provide the energy a cell needs to move, divide, produce secretory products, contract - in short, they are the power centers of the cell. They are about the size of bacteria but may have different shapes depending on the cell type.