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In most cases, Yes. The companys feel that if the person is living in the same house with you, i.e. your parents, they will help you if you get into trouble. The best way to find for sure is to contact the company you are applying to receive the Credit Card from. Credit Cards are great tools to get your credit history started. To keep your credit history great you need to make sure that you pay off your credit cards each month. With most new credit cards for a college student, you most likely will have a 19.99% APR. You need to also check out the grace period, to make sure you do not pay interest as soon as you purchase the item, but have 20 or so days to pay off the credit card. - Offers a credit card with 0% on balances less than $250, but you pay interest imediately on purchases over $250,, - All offer several great rewards cards for students. Make sure you are getting something for using their card, so always get rewards cards. Henry

2013-02-28 09:18:12
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How can a sibling household b formed?

A sibling household can be formed by the death of two parents in the home

Can parents kick out 18 child Kentucky?

After you are eighteen, your parents do not owe you a living. Most parents will support children through high school. Children who remain in their parents' household are meeting the expectations of schooling or have a regular job, contribute to the household through chores or money and, most importantly, are enjoyable members of the household.

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Apply as an Independent?

Some students will find that it is in their best interest to apply as an independent on the federal pell grant application. If a student applies as a dependent, then a school may automatically reject his or her application for the high income of a set of parents. Independent students usually have a low income and can qualify for pell grants.

Did Clara Barton's parents go to college?

no, Clara Barton's parents did no go to college back then it was very hard to get into college.

Does a household income include your parents for credit applications?

It depends on a couple of things. If you still live with your parents, if your parents support you, and if you will be paying the credit bills. Usually if it says household income, it is everyone who lives with you (not including children obviously)

What is a FAFSA test?

The FAFSA is not actually a test. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is an application you fill out to find out how much financial aid you are eligible for for college. You and/or your parents/guardians will need to fill out taxes first. While the application does have a lot of questions, you will know all the answers.

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To write an application for a shift change, parents, should address the letter to the HR departments with valid reasons.

Would a low income full time college student be eligible for section 8 housing assistance?

That depends on who lives in the household, how old you are, if your parents are income eligible for section 8 as well.

How do you answer 'Describe yourself' in a college application?

Name, age, place & date of birth, recent qualification, hobby s, languages known & brief about your parents & family.

What is the average number of people per household in Kenya?

5kids and parents

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When you are living with your parents, you are a resident of the household.

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then eat

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In Texas all drivers living in the household must be listed or excluded.

Parents in Asian cultures are more likely than parents in Westernized cultures to encourage children to?

participate in household activities.

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parents, children, aunts, uncles, and cousins

Why can't I have a phone?

Ask your parents ! They control the household finances - they are the only people who can answer this !

Does the parents' car insurance go up if their 18 year old child gets a driver's licence but moves away to another town for college?

Yes, probably. They will need to be added as a driver on the parents policy. An 18 year old at college is still a member of the household. If they are going to college 100 or 150 miles away from home and do not have a vehicle with them then most insurance companies offer a much lower premium.

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A parent cannot keep a child from going to college. Most parents love to see their child wanting to go to college.