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In most cases, Yes. The companys feel that if the person is living in the same house with you, i.e. your parents, they will help you if you get into trouble. The best way to find for sure is to contact the company you are applying to receive the Credit Card from. Credit Cards are great tools to get your credit history started. To keep your credit history great you need to make sure that you pay off your credit cards each month. With most new credit cards for a college student, you most likely will have a 19.99% APR. You need to also check out the grace period, to make sure you do not pay interest as soon as you purchase the item, but have 20 or so days to pay off the credit card. - Offers a credit card with 0% on balances less than $250, but you pay interest imediately on purchases over $250,, - All offer several great rewards cards for students. Make sure you are getting something for using their card, so always get rewards cards. Henry

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Q: If a college student with no source of income applies for a credit card and the application asks for annual household income can that student put down the amount his parents make?
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