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If a consumer returns a purchase from a retailer do you take that return from the gross sale or net sales?

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The most appropriate way to account for a return is to have a 'returns account' (or negative sale if you will) to permit the retailer to see what percent of its sales are actually returned. Inventory should be credited accordingly, and the 'COGS' Cost of Goods Sold Account should also be reduced.

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Does the shopping channel accept returns?

The shopping channel is like any other online retailer. Returns can be accepted provided certain conditions are meet and approved by the retailer. Return shipping may be at the expense of the consumer.

How do you record a purchase return?

As a consumer, the best way to record a return is by keeping the receipt. Receipts are offered on returns as well as purchases and a written record of the return is best.

What is a purchase returns day book?

purchase return book it for the returns outwars.

What is purchase returns?

purchase returns is mean to the product you bought and not satisfy with the quality or damage and then you return to the dealer.

What is the journal entry for purchase returns?

[Debit] Purchase Return [Credit] Purchases

Is purchase returns an asset or liability?

purchase return is assets or liability or expense

What is a purchase return day book?

Purchase return day book is record in which only purchase returns are recorded and no other transaction is part of this document.

How long does a consumer have to return a vehicle after purchase?

in 30 day's

What is the journal entry for purchase return goods on credit?

debit accounts payablecredit purchase returns

Does the Ty Pennington Home Edition Organizational products give the buyer a warranty or return policy?

The return policy for the Ty Pennington Home Edition Organizational products can vary depending on the retailer you purchase them through. Each retailer has its' own return policy.

How do you get a rma number?

A Return Merchandize Authorization Number is granted by the business/retailer to the customer upon request for the purpose of processing returns quickly and efficiently.

Purchase return Accounting?

"Purchase returns" is the entry made in the journal that refers to "Unsatisfactory or defective merchandise/goods which is returned back to the supplier".

Can you return liquor purchase in georgia?

It is legal, but many businesses have a policy that they won't accept liquor returns.

Do higher coupon bonds give a higher rate of return?

according to the come rates the returns we get if we purchase higher rated coupon bonds we get higher returns

How do you return a purchase to Cupshe?

Cupshe's website has a page on their return policy and how to initiate returns for exchange or refund. Their policy is rather strict, so do not delay in contacting the company.

Polaroid consumer return address?

Polaroid consumer returns dock door #7 4030 via pescador camarillo ca 93012 This address is incorrect. You must contact the Polaroid Warranty center listed on your product to get proper warranty return information and procedures.

Is purchase return is contra account?

Purchase return is a contra account because it reduces the balance in the Purchase account in an attempt to determine cost of goods sold. This is like sales returns and allowances being used to determine net sales on an entity's income statement.

What is return in programming?

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What return policies are available with Target Targus Carry Cases?

Returns are accepted within the first 30 days with proof of purchase.

Can you return star wars the old republic?

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differentiate between returns to scale and constant return to scale

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