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Give the customer as much time as he/she needs to calm down and continue the conversation: (Keep in mind Customer is always important for the business and it's your responsibility to help the business grow)

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Q: If a customer started crying on the phone what would you do?
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What kind of jobs are available in phone customer service?

There are many different call center jobs available in customer service. Many phone companies such as Verizon and AT&T have jobs in customer service where you would speak to their customers about different issues and do your best to answer their questions or solve their phone related issue.

How do you get in your mytouch phone when you forgot your code?

You would need to call the company with a different phone or go to one of their stores for customer service.

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You can call their cell phone company and have them bill their next bill with your credit card. The easiest way to do this would either be online or with customer service.

Can I get a plan on a found cell phone?

Can't imagine that any reputable company would remove the customer who owns the phone from it. They might help you find the person who it belongs to.

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You would need to purchase a Ready Mobile PCS refill card. Please contact Customer Service at 1800-755-0535 and a customer service agent can direct you to a store near you. Or you can visit our website at

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You would need to contact the creators or customer services of the app concerned

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Wait if you can and i would ring again the morning after..

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You are trying to sell a product to a customer What would you do if the customer told you heshe has to speak with hisher spouse first?

I personally would ask if they would like to reserve it and/or ask them if they would like to use the office phone first. but most people I know would probably shove the person out of the shop

Which cell phone company provides decent customer service?

I have used Verizon wireless for many years, and have never had any negative experience with them. I would say that Verizon has decent customer service.

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