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Normally as long as the person has no felony record, they can own a firearm. A case sealed or expunged has the same effects as not having occurred in the first place. So, in short, the answer is yes.

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Q: If a felony conviction is expunged can the person own a handgun?
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If a felony conviction is expunged can the person own a handgun in Maryland?

If it's has just been expunged, no. In order to own a gun after a felony, you must petition to have your rights restored, which is not the same thing as an expungement.

If a felony conviction is expunged cant the person still own firearms in state of Arkansas?

No, they cannot.

Will a store hire a person with a DWI conviction?

Yes, it's not a felony conviction.

Can a person with pending felony charges legally carry a handgun?


Can a person who was charged with a felony that was later dropped own a handgun or rifle?

Whether or not the person can legally own a firearm depends upon what is required by the state in which the person resides. In regards to the felony charge only the conviction of a felony would be applicable unless the person has a prior criminal history of domestic violence or some other pertinent matter.

Can you get a passport with a felony conviction?

It is possible to get a passport even with a felony conviction. However, if a person has unpaid federal loans, a felony drug conviction, or problems in child support cases, a passport may be denied.

Does a felony go away?

No, a felony will not ever go away unless a persons record has been expunged. A person would have to go to a district court and ask for a record to be expunged.

Can you enter the Bahamas with a felony conviction?

Can a person visit the bahamas with a felony on thier record

Will you hire me If have a felony conviction?

There are many companies that do not hire a person if they have a felony conviction. However, there are companies that will hire a felon. A person has to apply for jobs until they find a company that will hire them.

How long after a felony conviction can a person own a firearm?


How long after felony conviction can a person own a firearm?


If a felony conviction is expunged can a person own a handgun?

If an otherwise felon's case is expunged, they may own a firearm, provided there are no other felony records. Expunction of a case gives it the same effects as no case to begin with. The same is true if a case is sealed vs. expunged. A sealed case means that only certain law-enforcement or Government agency can view it. Another type of conviction is known as adjudication withheld, meaning that if the otherwise felon successfully completed their probation and other sanctions, there would be no record of guilt, though the case may still be viewable by the public. However, an adjudication withheld case allows the person to own or possess firearms, barring any other types of firearm restriction, such as a domestic violence offense.

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