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No that makes them gay as they are both gay.

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If both of them really were gay and they date they would probably be identified as bisexual

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Q: If a gay and a lesbian date does that make them straight?
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What is the most common form of sex straight or lesbian or gay?

Most people are straight but then it is lesbian, then gay

Is bisexuality considered as being a lesbian or gay?

being bisexual is where you was either gay/lesbian or straight first but then you changed to straight or gay/lesbian eg. you was gay but then you fell in love with a woman.

How do you make a lesbian?

you do not make a lesbian. gays are born gay. you could convince a straight girl to do things with you, but you cannot convert them.

What is the word that is used when a lesbian and a gay start dating to hide there gayness?

When a gay man and a lesbian date to hide being gay, it's called having a beard. A straight woman who acompanies a gay man to an event so that he can hide being gay is also called a beard. There is no special term for a straight man dating a lesbian.

What is panisexual?

Panisexual is a person who is attracted to people who are gay,lesbian or straight.

What does God do with gay and lesbian people?

God does the same thing with gay and lesbian people that He does with straight people.

How can you tell if you are lesbian or gay or bisexual or straight?

I guess that if you are lesbian, you know you like girls... if you're gay you like boys and if you're straight you fancy the opposite sex.

What side of the lip is the lesbian side?

That is just a myth. There is no gay, straight or lesbian side.

Does cheating with a lesbian make you gay?

No, cheating with a lesbian makes you a cheater. Nothing can make you gay or lesbian; that is something you're born with.

What is the best way to not make a woman a lesbian?

You can't make a woman gay or straight. Sexual orientation is something we're all born with.

What are the types of sexuality?

Gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, bicurious, experimental

Is Keri Hilson a lesbian?

No, she isn't gay.