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Most likely. Some bone could have chipped off and this might cause a tiny amount of internal bleeding. That's why it looks so swelled up. Hamster, and other rodent's bones', are very delicate. Bring the hamster to the vet immediately!

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Q: If a hamster has a very bruised leg is it broken?
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What if your hamster is very wobbly?

Its leg is broken

What does a broken leg look like?

My leg is broken at the ankle. It is very swollen, hot and painful, and bruised all over, from my foot to the middle of my calf.

Has your hamster broken her leg if she is holding it up and putting it down every few steps?

Your hamster could have got a bad sprain or a bad bruise. Feel around her leg and if you feel a broken bone, bring it to the vet. Only the vet can deal with tiny broken bones. If you don't feel anything broken, then the only answer could be a sprain or bruise. The most common reason is the wheel. If it is an open-barred wheel (it has holes in it) the hamster could have tripped on one of the holes and bruised the leg. Get a closed hamster wheel and make an appointment for the vet. Just to make sure.

How can you set a hamster's broken leg with no vet nearby?

Very simple can't

Why would a hamster be dragging its leg?

mabybe its broken

Does a broken leg hurt a hamster?

Any animal that has a broken leg will be experiencing pain, even if it is an animal as small as a hamster. It is best to take an animal with a broken leg to the vet as soon as possible. This way, the leg can be set properly, and the animal live without pain.

My hamster's leg is broken and you can see the bone?

Take him to the vet!

What do you do if the broken leg on my hamster has bone exposed?

Go to the vet.

How do you know if a hamster has a broken legs?

if a hamter's leg is broken, it wont be able to walk

Your dwarf hamster was bitten by a gerbil a few times and his leg is broken too what should you do?

If his leg is broken it is kindest to take him to the vet and have him put down. A broken leg can't normally be fixed in a hamster, and he will eventually die in pain.and give it food.

How do you know if the leg is sprained or broken on a hamster if Its dragging the leg but eating and moving?

It probly has a broken leg take it to a vet or it may be sad or depressed

How tell if hamster if hamster has a broken leg?

If it is limping or having trouble walking. Also If the leg looks bent the wrong way. Or you could have a vet check it out.

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