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Somebody had better cool them down fast because they can cook themselves if the temperature is high enough. and you cool them down with an ice bath. Even though the ice stings at first touch it will cool them down. If it doesn't cool down or re heats itself then go to an emergency room. O_O

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Q: If a heat emergency patient has hot skin whether moist or dry?
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What is the effect of moist heat on sugar?

What effect of moist heat sugar

Effects of moist heat on starch?

starch grains first soften, then absorbs water and swells in the presence of moist heat

How are microorganisms destroyed by moist heat?

Moist heat coagulates microbial proteins (including protein enzymes), inactivating them irreversibly.

What is moist heat cooking and how is it used in cooking?

Moist-heat cooking is cooking the food in a moist environment. Ways to do this is by boiling, steaming, and braising. This helps to tenderize the food more than through dry heat cooking.

Why is a desert cooler at night than moist places?

Moist = clouds = heat retention Desert = no clouds = heat loss = cooler

Which is hotter moist heat or dry heat?

Conductivity. Moisture conducts the heat better than a dry system.

What should you do if you suspect a casulty is suffering heat stroke?

immediatley request medical assistance and transport <><><> Starting emergency cooling of the patient would also be indicated.

Methods involved in moist heat sterilization below hundred degree celsius?

WELL! moist heat is used by heating with steam and the steam can not be formed below 100oC so it is not possible to kill microorganism by moist heat below hundred degree

Which moist heat cooking method would you use for chicken noodle soup?

Moist heat cooking methods for chicken noodle soup include simmering and boiling. Those are really the only moist heat cooking method to use for such a dish.

What is the function of thepharynx?

to heat and moist the air.

What is the rationale in choosing moist vs dry heat packs for skeletal pains?

Water conducts heat better than air. Likewise, moist air also conducts heat better than dry air (as anyone who's been outside on a hot, humid day knows very well). That's the rationale. The reality is that, in the case of compresses, there's very little difference. The patient sweats. Don't waste money on special damp hotpacks. If you feel you need that, make your own with hot water and a washcloth. As always, be cautious with heat -- don't burn your patient.

What is a list of moist cooking methods?

Moist heat cooking methods include any techniques that involve cooking with moisture - whether it's steam, water, stock, wine or some other liquid. Cooking temperatures are much lower, anywhere from 140°F to a maximum of 212°F, because water doesn't get any hotter than that. Examples of moist-heat cooking methods include:BoilingBraisingBroastingPot RoastingStewingSteamingPoachingSimmering