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Yes, it only matters that he ejaculated in you, not the before or after.


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yeah that is if the guy hasn't already ejaculated yeah that is if the guy hasn't already ejaculated

Yes you will most likely be pregnant as you read my answer now! One drop of Semen is enough to make a baby so you are pregnant. You should still take a test though.

If you're counting from outside to inside the epidermis is the first layer. The dermis is the second layer.

It is most likely that if she became pregnant, it was a result of sex with the second person, but only a DNA test after the baby is born can show for sure.

its possible that a single sperm cell can cause pregnancy, and it roughly takes 4 hours for sperm cells to die outside their natural habitat, so id say it is possible, but not very probable

If you pre-ejaculated or came inside of her, there is a chance. But just genital to genital contact will probably not get a female impregnated. If you did come inside of her, ask her to get a pregnancy test. Genital to genital contact can still transmit STDs. If you think you might have transmitted or caught an STD go to the doctor before getting sexually involved with anyone else and get tested/treated.

Yes. You can get pregnant on Second Life.

Anytrime a male ejaculates, the fluid itself is called semen and, yes, each time there will be sperm. Also, if he ejaculated the second time outside of you, but still near your vulva, you are still taking a risk at getting pregnant. The third time will still contain sperm, and if he did indeed ejaculate in your vagina, there is a very high chance you will get pregnant unless you are both using contraceptives I'm sorry, but if you don't know the answer to this, you shouldn't be having sex!

Yes. read a bout : open the second & fourth link on :

yes beyonce is really pregnant with her second child

that's normal. if he already ejaculated round 2 can be difficult.

Yes, thousands of them, every second. Inside organisms too. Chemical reactions are everywhere.

yes and no, some feel pressure as if it was tighter and some feel the same i felt tighter my second and not my first!

No, she is not pregnant again. She is pregnant as of Feb 12 she did announce that she is pregnant with her second child.

once the guys sperm is in you, the sperm cells travel super fast to the girls ovaries and they start multiplying by the second. so yes a girl can get pregnant by this situation.

no more then likely not.. unless he came inside of you but it seems like that was not the case..or was it..

She probably gets pregnant at the end of the second series.

if your character is male, your mate gets pregnant in the second wolf quest; but if your character is female, you get pregnant with your mate in the second wolf quest.

Yes. There is sperm in the precum (mans natural lubrication). And since he went first in the condom, the sperm is nice and fresh. If you are pregnant, congratulations! Now, takes some responsibility and be a good parent (or give it up for adoption rather than kill it).

From inside to outside, the layers are the stratum basale, the stratum spinosum, the stratum granulosum, the stratum lucidum and the stratum corneum.

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