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Well in FL you can file a petition for dissolution even if you are "indigent". This means you do not have the money to pay and you fill out the forms and they verify you do not have the money , then your petition is allowed to be filed free of charge. Just get the information fomr the CLerk of COurt in the county you need the divorce in.

In Oregon you can fill out a application for a deferral or waiver of fees. If you qualify you will either have your fees waived or set aside for a certain amount of time..either way you can file without paying up front.

In Mississippi, my cousin was arrested and when he went to jail they suggested he get a divorce while in jail, they said it would cost about $15. It really matters on the state laws. I hope this was helpful to anyone that is in need.

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Q: If a person in jail wants to get a divorce can he get a fee waiver to pay for his divorce?
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If a person in jail wants to get a divorce can he get a fee waiver to pay for his divorce in CA?

He sure can!!

If a person is in jail can he ask for a divorce?


I want a divorce and my husband is in jail can i get a fee wavier for the divorce TN?

my husbands in jail how can i get a fee wavier for divorce

Can your wife divorce you if you are in jail and does the husband have to be served divorce papers?

They'll serve you in jail

How much does it cost to divorce a inmate in prison in Georgia?

If the spouse is in jail, a no fault divorce can be obtained. There will be some special procedures to serving the person his papers.

Your brother is in jail in California and he wants to divorce his wife who lives in Mississippi what can he do and how does it work from jail not prison?

He can have someone buy the correct papers from the court, send them to him and he can fill them out and send them to the correct place to file.

If a person abuses drugs during marriage can you use that in your divorce?

tryed it all it does is get u put in jail

You are a federal inmate in SC who wants a divorce from your wife in NC?

Just wait until you get out, or if she wants it too it'd be a whole lot easier for her to file for it since she's not stuck in jail. ADDED: I notice that your question doesn't mention that SHE wants a divorce from you. Although it would probably be easier for her to file for divorce in NC (if she even wants one) it IS possible for you to do it 'Pro Se' while in federal custody in SC (It's a little more difficult - But HEY, you've got nothing but time, right?). If she wishes to contest your request for divorce and if the two of you have any children it could really open a can of worms. If you have access to any legal aid while in prison see if you can get an appointment to talk with them. You aren't the first person to ever get divorced while in jail, so, it CAN be done.

Can you get a divorce if you were married in jail?

Your right to file for divorce is not altered by where you were married.

Can a person obtain a divorce while in jail?

I don't see why not. * Yes, the procedure is basically the same as it is for persons who are not incarcerated.

Can you get a divorce from your wife who is in jail?


Can you divorce your husband in jail?


How expensive is it to get divorce?

Well, if your spouse is in jail, you can get a divorce for just a couple of dollars.

Could I go to jail for unpaid back alimony ..when I dont have a job and she dissapeared right after the divorce..I haven't heard from her in several years she wants alimony..?


How do you divorce your spouse while they are in jail?

You can divorce a spouse who is currently in jail as if they weren't even there. You just have to have them sign the legal document allowing you two to go on with the divorce. If he refuses.. then you'll have to take it to court.

I'm in jail and i want a divorce but my wife wont sign the divorce papers.What should i do?

Ask for a good divorce lawyer.

Can your spouse divorce you while in jail?


How can you divorce your husband that is in jail?

we don't do it anymore were through

Can an inmate get a divorce through a proxy?

you're in JAIL?!

Can you get a divorce with warrants?

You don't need a warrant to get a divorce, and you can be served in jail if you do get picked up for outstanding warrants.

In va is a felony grounds for a uncontested divorce?

If they have been sentenced to more than a year in jail, you can file for divorce.

How do you divorce a Nigerian detainee who is in jail awaiting deportation?

The same way any divorce is obtained. People who are in jail (or being detained) can be served documents pertaining to divorce, lawsuits and so forth. If the marriage is legal the divorce petition can be filed in the state where the couple has established residency. Make sure you file the divorce while she is still in jail, right. I'm assuming it's easier than waiting until she's in another

My husband went to jail before my divorce was final what happens now?

Jail will only delay the issue a few days. If he went to prison the courts will make sure that he is able to attend his divorce.

In Ohio If your spouse who you want a divorce from is in jail and he claims he wont give you a divorce what is there to do does that mean you cant get divorced?

What state are you in? ohio

What is likelihood of getting credit in jail served 12 days in FL after signing a waiver of extradition to TX on 12th day I was told TX has 10 days after person signs waiver of extradition to come.?

As soon as the jail you were in had a hold on you for your Texas warrant, you should be getting backtime. You may be responsible for proving that credit, so you'll need to get documentation. I've never heard of them only having 10 days to complete the extradition. Your waiver is in essence a request for speedy trial, therefore Texas has to get you here and tried within six months.

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