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If a player wins more than one tournament a year how many years exemption does he get and if he wins any in his years of exemption what happens?


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2006-10-19 17:42:28
2006-10-19 17:42:28

A PGA Tour player earns a 2 year exemption for winning a regular event, and a 5 year exemption if they win a major. If they win again during that time, the clock is simply reset.


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Based on performances from other tournaments or the performance of last years tournament you get in the tournament for that year for free or for a discount.

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The first place prize cheque, a Green Jacket, a life time exemption to the Masters, and a five year exemption to all the Majors for the next 5 years.

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There is no one-time exemption. But there is an exemption you can take as often as every two years. If you owned the house for two of the last five years and the house was your principle residence for two of the five years, there is a $250,000 exemption. If you file jointly and the house was also your spouse's principle residence for two of the previous five years, there is a $500,000 exemption. If you move for reasons beyond your control without meeting the time requirements, you may qualify for a reduced exemption.

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