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If a process is carried out at constant pressure P and the volume V of the system decreases then V is negative positive and the work w is negative positive zero?


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In this case, V would be negative, and work w would be positive.

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as the pressure decreases the volume of gas increases at constant temperature

That is false. Volume increases when pressure decreases. From Boyle's law, P1V1 = P2V2 at constant temperature, or PV = a constant at constant temperature.

At constant temperature p.V=constant, so pressure INcreases when decreasing the volume.

If the temperature is held constant the pressure of a gas will increase if the volume decreases.

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Volume is related to pressure by Boyles Law which stats that PV = k, where k is a constant. As Volume increases, pressure decreases. As pressure increases, volume decreases.

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Cold temperatures, and negative pressure.

Since pressure is inversely proportional to volume(according to Boyle's law), if volume decreases, pressure will increase and vice versa i.e. volume increases pressure decreases!

For a gas at constant volume, a decrease in temperature will cause a decrease in pressure. There is a direct relationship between the temperature and pressure of a gas at a constant volume.

If the pressure is increasing then the slope is positive. If the pressure is decreasing then the slope is negative.

When pressure increases the volume of the material decreases. Density=mass/volume When volume decreases density increases.(Mass constant)

No. Assuming constant volume, if you increase the temperature, the pressure will also increase.

Decreases. This describes Boyle's Law: @ constant temperature: P1V1 = P2V2.

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Assuming the volume is kept constant, the pressure will also decrease in this case.

When pressure decreases, the equilibrium will shift to the side with the least moles of gas. Like in the case of dissociation of ammonia, if the pressure is decreased to keep Kp constant, number of moles of gas should increase.

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