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If a turtle is injured what do you do?

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See a vet or use typical first aid. Stop any bleeding, disinfect the wound, and bind it. If the injury is a broken bone, then you probably shouldn't deal with it yourself. Take your turtle to a vet instead.

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Can turtles climb out of styrofoam boxes?

Yes, i recently found an injured box turtle on the road. (4-5 year old turtle) I had it in a box, but when i went to check on it, it was gone. It could be anywhere now...

Which is correct turtle or turtle?


What different kinds of turtles are there?

There are many different kinds of turtles Pancake turtle, Giant turtle, Box turtle, Snapping turtles, Red eared slider turtle, Painted turtle,Spotted turtle, Sea turtle, loggerhead turtle, leatherback turtle, bog turtle, wood turtle, Blanding turtle, Barbours map turtle, Red bellied turtle, Diamondback terrapin turtle, Florida cooter, Arizona mud turtle, Florida softshell turtle, Stripeneck musk turtle, and the Pacific ridley and many many more

Who are the characters in the story the monkey and the turtle?

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Name 4 different species of turtle?

# green turtle # box turtle # wood turtle # stinkpot turtle

What is the different in a snapping turtle and a reguler turtle?

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Is A turle a mollusk?

No, a turtle is a reptile.

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you can tell if a turtle is a snaping turtle because if you have a turtle with 2 teeth hanging not over the lip but on top of it then uyou have a snaping turtle.

What type of turtle is used for turtle soup?

Usually Snapping Turtle is used for turtle soup.

What turtle is larger Florida Softshell turtle or Aligator snapping turtle?

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What are turtle eggs?

Turtle eggs are eggs layed by a turtle.

What is the name of biggest turtle?

The biggest turtle is the Leatherback Turtle.

What is a type of turtle?

Snapping turtle, sea turtle i guess....

What is the smallest turtle to get?

a musk turtle or a eastern pained turtle

Which is faster a turtle or a snail?

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How do you tell a female sea turtle from a male sea turtle?

the male turtle has a longer tail than the female turtle. the female turtle is always larger than the male turtle..

Turtle- what is the length of a turtle?

4 feet Actually it depends what type of turtle, how old it is, and if it is sick...

Is a Mississippi map turtle the same as map turtle?

the answer to that is yes well, sort of, a map turtle is a variety of species: Mississippi map turtle Texas map turtle Cagle's map turtle Black knobbed map turtle Ouachita map turtle P.s. if you want to get a map turtle you should get the Texas map turtle! the males at full maturity get to about 3.5 inches

Can a turtle survive if the shell is broken by the back legs?

NO. the turtles shell is attached to its body it serves as its backbone if the shell break sthe back bone is broken and can no longer suvive Actually, it depends on where the break is and how severe! I just rescued a turtle that has 2 fractures in the lower part of his shell being hit by a car, and is alive and active. The fractures are bad to the point where we think we see her spine. Search Wild life rescue or Turtle rescue in New Jersey online. Call and get some advice if you have an injured turtle on our hands.