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She has to convert.

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No she does not have to convert, a muslim man can marry a christian or jew, but if not he may not marry her

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When a married christian woman becomes a Muslim?

When a christian woman marries a Muslim man, she has to become Muslim.

What is a man called when he only marries for the women money?

A man that marries or dates women only for money is called either a 'Fortune hunter' or a 'Gigolo.'

Are Muslims allowed to communicate with other people?

Basically, you are allowed to talk to anyone if it is for necessary reasons. For example, a Muslim man can talk to a Muslim women or a non Muslim women if it is necessary. Also, a Muslim can talk freely (within boundaries) to any other of the same gender. For example, a Muslim man to another Muslim man and a Muslim women to another Muslim women.

What are the formalities of marriage for a Hindu bride and Muslim groom?

A muslim man can get only take in marriage a muslim, jew or christian women. A muslim women can only marry a muslim man. only People Of The Book(which Hindus are not). a muslim(boy or girl) can not marry a Hindu, Buddist, athiest ect. try to get the hindu bride to become muslim and see the correct path.

Muslim women marriage?

A Muslim woman can only be married to a Muslim man.

Can a Muslim women marry a convert man to Islam?

Yes. As long as the man is Muslim. The man should be a good Muslim though.

If a catholic woman marries Muslim man in a mosque must she convert at the ceremony?

A Christian or Jewish woman can marry a Muslim man. So she doesn't have to convert but she can if she wants to.

Can a Christian women marry a married Muslim man?

A Muslim man is only allowed to marry Muslim, Christian or Jewish woman, but should be modest and conservative women.

Is your nikah valid if husband is not Muslim?

NO. Muslim women can only marry a Muslim man.

When can a Muslim women ask a Muslim man to marry her and he can not say no?

A Muslim woman can ask a man to marry her whenever she wants but the man can always say No.

Should a dowry be expected in the case where a Muslim man marries a non Muslim wife?

Yes, no difference when a Muslim man is marrying a Muslim woman or Jewish or Christian woman regarding offering the Dowry so far it is a formal licit marriage.

Can a hindhu man marry a Muslim girl?

Yes he can why not. according to Islam, the Hindu has to convert or they should not marry. If a Muslim marries a Hindu, they will be out the sphere of Islam.

Christian women have to convert to mArry a Muslim man?

No, is not compulsory that they convert before marrying a Muslim man.

Can Muslim women make marriage with Christian man?

No, Per Islam religion, Muslim woman can marry only Muslim man. Muslim man can marry only Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman.

What are the rules of marriage of a Muslim woman with a norwagian national man?

Muslim Women are not allowed to marry anyone not Muslim. Men can but women cant.

Can a Muslim women married with a catholic man?

No, a Muslim woman can't get married with a Catholic man. She is allowed per Islam teachings to get married with only a Muslim man.

Can a Muslim Man marry a Christian women in the church?

A Muslim man surely can marry a Christian woman , but not in the church..

What happens when a non-Muslim woman marries a Muslim man?

A Muslim man is allowed to marry; per Islam rules; either a Muslim, Christian, or a Jewish woman. They can marry and every one remains on his/her faith before marriage. However, all of the children are Muslims.

Can a Muslim girl marry a Muslim revert?

Yes, as long as the man is a Muslim, the women can marry him, or vice verse

Can a married Muslim man marries a non Muslim single woman?

According to islam if u married with an non muslim woman on only one condition that she also accept islam otherwise its not allowed.

Can a married Hindu man marry with Muslim women without divorcing his first wife?

No Muslim man or woman can marry a Hindu man or woman.

I am a Hindu vegetarian . i want to marry a Muslim guy . how to marry him?

Muslim men are allowed to marry the People of the Books (Christians or Jews) and the Muslim women are only allowed to be married to a Muslim man. If you are throughly in love with him, become a Muslim. Michael Jackson became a Muslim before he died and you numskulls didn't become Muslims. it is the straight path you dummies.

Can Hindu man marry Muslim woman without channging religon?

no because the Hindu man worships Hindu gods and Muslim women worship the one god Allah so they might have fight of what religon is better so it better if Muslim women marry Muslim men and Hindu men marry Hindu women that for no fight TIP:REMMEMBER THAT YOU CAN MARRY A HINDU MAN IF YOU Change RELIgon AnD YOU caN marrrY A MUSLIM WOMEN IF CHAnge REliGoN

What can a non-Muslim man do to get permission from his Muslim Girl Friends parents to be with hermarry her besides convert?

Because it is Haram for a Muslim women to marry a non Muslim man, because since the husband is usually in charge he might force her to not become Muslim, though a Muslim Man can marry a Jewish or Christian wife.the person who typed that above is totally true,but if you really like the girlfriend you would convert to Islam!

If a woman has a kid with a Christian man and marries a Muslim man does she have to denie that she had him or her?

No because religion is all man made, you shouldn't deny your children, that is a quality that makes religion truly evil.

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