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I believe he has a chance, but he will need to start sparring and training on a daily basis. You have 3 years to have him spar with different opponents and you might want to sign him up for the golden gloves, this way he can get experience on what to expect when he try's out for the Olympics. I also have a 7 year old who I'm training my self and hope one day for him to be successfully on this sport. Its not hard it just takes a lot of dedication and the willing to train hard. i hope i answer you question. thanks and good luck. ummm...if you have been training for a few years and have not had one fight, something is gym goes to fights once a week atleast when you are trained with basic answer would be no unless u get a better trainer...( but my answer is good as any other clown on here ya know good luck with it man.)

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What did Muhammad Ali do in the 1960 Olympics?

he was a boxer

Who is a famous boxer that has competed in the Olympics?


How did jai opetaia became such a great boxer?

he became a great boxer by training.

What did Muhammad Ali do before he was a boxer?

He was training since he was 12 yeras old to be a boxer

Is training a boxer dog hard?


What is the name of an Australian boxer who competed at an Olympics?

Spike Cheney

Who is the only Women boxer in Indian Olympics team?

Mary kom

Who was the first person to be disqualified from the Olympics?

A boxer who had 2 horseshoes hidden in his pocket

Who is the first boxer to win three gold medals in Olympics?

László Papp.

What type of training has pooch hall had was it karate?

No. He was a golden gloves boxer.

How would top UFC fighter stand up to top boxer?

If a boxer fought a mixed martial artist in mixed martial arts there is a pretty good chance of them loosing because of kicks, the clinch, knees, elbows, and the ground game. As for a mixed martial artist boxing a boxer, they would be sure to lose. Most mixed martial artists don't have the refined hands of a boxer because they must spend their time training on many other aspects of fighting. Boxers spend their whole time training their hands only.

Who was the only American boxer to win a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics?

David Reid

Who won two individual Olympics medal for India?

saina nehwal and a boxer player

Name something a boxer has to have a lot of?

Strength, Stamina, Gloves, Training, Speed

What books are available for advice on training puppies?

There are many good books about training puppies, in particular, "The Everything Boxer Book: A Complete Guide to Raising, Training, and Caring for Your Boxer" by Karla Spitzer is a great choice. There are many others specifically for the Boxer as well as many for dogs in general such as "The Sit Down Come Heel Stay and Stand Book: A Step-By-Step Dog Training Achievement Book" by Claire Arrowsmith.

Where in the Bible does it say it is okay to be a boxer?

Boxing was not a sport held in the Olympics in Greece or was it a Roman entertainment.

How many bottles does a Olympic boxer need to drink whilst training?

i know a boxer needs to drink 4 bottle every single day ok

Did Teddy Roosevelt know martial arts?

He was an experienced boxer, and had some training in fencing.

Did rocky go in boxing?

yes hes not a real boxer but he went in boxing training

Who is sadaf rahimi?

Sadaf Rahimi is an female Afghan flyweight boxer who will be competing in the 2012 Olympics. She is the third woman from Afghanistan to compete in the Olympics. Her older sister, Shabnam, is also a boxer. She's considered a landmark athlete as she is the first female boxer to compete in the Olympics from Afghanistan, which historically has not been open to women pursuing sport. Her family has apparently received death threats for having daughters that participate in what's seen as a men-only-sport.

Who won silver medal for Ireland Barcelon Olympics 1992?

Boxer Wayne McCullough in the bantamweight division.

Which boxer was a replacement for buster mathias in the Tokyo Olympics and went on to win the gold medal?

Joe Frazier

Which boxer gained international attention as the light heavyweight champion in the 1960 Rome Olympics?

Cassius Clay.

In which Olympics did the world famous American boxer Muahmmad Ali win the light heavyweight boxing title?

Ali won the Gold medal at the Rome Olympics in 1960.

Has Natasha Jonas been in the Olympics?

The 2012 Games in London will be Natasha's first Olympics. Natasha is a boxer (lightweight class) and women's boxing is debuting at the 2012 Games.