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If an 18-year-old boxer has been training for a few years but has not had a fight yet do they have a chance to make the 2012 Olympics?


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I believe he has a chance, but he will need to start sparring and training on a daily basis. You have 3 years to have him spar with different opponents and you might want to sign him up for the golden gloves, this way he can get experience on what to expect when he try's out for the Olympics. I also have a 7 year old who I'm training my self and hope one day for him to be successfully on this sport. Its not hard it just takes a lot of dedication and the willing to train hard. i hope i answer you question. thanks and good luck. ummm...if you have been training for a few years and have not had one fight, something is wrong...my gym goes to fights once a week atleast when you are trained with basic knowledge...my answer would be no unless u get a better trainer...( but my answer is good as any other clown on here ya know good luck with it man.)