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If an animal weighs 7.5 kilograms what are the pounds?

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What weighs 75 kilograms?

75 kilograms is equal to 165 pounds 6 ounces.

Person weighing 75 kilograms weighs what pounds?

1 kg = 2.205 pounds so 75 kg = 165.35 pounds.

How do you calculate the weight of a dog that has a mass of 75 kilograms?

On Earth, 75 kilograms of mass weighs 165.35 pounds. That's quite a hound!

How many kg in 75 pounds?

1 pound = 0.45359237 kilogramsTherefore, 75 pounds = 34.02 kilograms75 pounds = 34.02 kilograms.

What is 75 kilograms in pounds?

1 kilogram = 2.2046 pounds 75 kilograms = 75 x 2.2046 = 165.345 pounds

How much does Pharrell Williams weigh?

Pharrell Williams weighs 164 pounds (75 kilograms).

How much is 75 pounds in kilograms?

75 pounds is 34 kilograms. (0.453kg per pound)

How many kilos is 75 pounds?

75 pounds = 34.02 kilograms.

How many milligrams are in 75 pounds?

75 pounds = 34.0194277 kilograms.

What does 75 pounds equal in kg?

75 pounds = 34.02 kilograms.

How many pounds in 75 kilos?

75 kilograms = 165.35 pounds.

What is 75 pounds in kilograms?

1 kg = 2.2 pounds 75 pounds = 75/2.2 kgs

75 kilo equals to how many pounds?

75 kilograms = 165.35 pounds.

How much kg is equal to 75 pounds?

75 pounds is about 34 kilograms.

How many pounds are in 34.2 kilograms?

34.2 kilograms is 75 pounds 6.37 ounces.

What would be the weight in kilograms of a 75 kg body on the moon?

That's exactly the reason why you have to learn to stop using "kilogram" for weight.On Earth, a body with 75 kilograms of mass weighs 735.5 newtons (165.3 pounds).But you want to ignore the difference between mass and weight, and you want tosay that a 75-kg body weighs 75 kilograms.You've been able to get away with that as long as the body stayed on Earth.But now that you've shipped it to the moon, you're in a very awkward situation ...now, somehow, 75 kilograms weighs 12.4 kilograms ! Doesn't that bother youjust a little ? If somebody asks about it, what kind of smoke and mirrors will youneed in order to explain it to him ?You can't go on using "kilogram" for weight, because it's not. "Kilogram" is mass ...the amount of 'stuff' that an object has in it. It doesn't change, no matter wherethe object goes. What changes is the force of gravity that attracts that mass toother masses, like moons and other planets. That's called "weight". It depends onthe mass of the body and on what else is nearby.Your 75 kilograms of mass weighs 165.3 pounds on Earth, and the same75 kilograms of mass weighs 27.4 pounds on the moon.In metric units, 75 kilograms of mass weighs 735.5 newtons on Earth, and thesame 75 kilograms of mass weighs 121.7 newtons on the moon.And in the space vehicle, in between, coasting from the Earth toward the moon,it still has 75 kilograms of mass, but it weighs ... zero.

How much is 75 kilograms in pound?

The conversion is approximately 2.2 pounds per kilogram. Many search engine sites will do these conversions for you, so if you open Google and type in "75 kilograms in pounds", you'll get the answer75 kilograms = 165.346697 pounds

How many pounds is 75 kgs?

75 Kilograms is 165.35 lbs.

How much is 75 kilo in pounds?

Yes. 75 kilograms is about 165.35 pounds.The formula to convert kilograms to pounds:75 kg*2.2046 lbs1 kg=165.3466966 lbs75 kg = 165.346 lbThe formula to convert kilograms to pounds:75 kg*2.2046 lbs1 kg=165.3466966 lbs75 kg = 165 pounds.75 kilograms is equal to 165.3467 pounds.The formula to convert kg to lbs:75 kg*2.2046 lbs1 kg=165.3466966 lbsMultiply by 2.2165 lbs.75kg in pounds is 165lbs.

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