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1 mile = 5,280 feet

43,560 square feet = 1 acre

Area = (20 x 5,280) x (100) = 10,560,000 square feet = 242.42 acres (rounded)

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How many acres are in a 16 feet by 3 miles?

This area = about 5.818 acres.

How many acres in an area that is 20 miles long and 100 feet wide?

Assuming the area is a rectangle, 242.42 acres.

How many acres are in 113.25 miles x30 feet wide?

That area equals 17,938,800 square feet which translates to 411.818 acres.

How many feet is the perimeter of 640 acres?

Information about the area is not enough to determine the perimeter. 640 acres is 1 sq mile. The smallest perimeter possible is if the area is in the shape of a circle and in that case the perimeter would be 3.54 miles = 18717 feet. If the area is a square the perimeter would be 4 miles = 21120 feet. If it is a rectangle, then any value greater than 4 miles.

How many miles is 250 acres?

Illogical. Miles is a distance and Acres is an area. That's not illogical. He could have meant square miles. 250 acres is 0.39 square miles, or about 10,872,000 square feet. If it was a square, it would be about 3,297 feet long and wide. That's also .6 miles by .6 miles, if the land is square and flat.

How many acres is thirty five feet wide by five miles long?

Thirty-five feet wide by five miles long equates to an area of 21.21 acres.

How many feet is the perimeter of 8 acres?

An area 696 feet by 500 feet would encompass approximately 8 acres.

How big is 400000 acres?

Yes. 400,000 acres is an area of land equal to 17,424,000,000 square feet or 625 square miles.

What Unit of surface area is equal to 2471 acres?

2,471 acres is equal to: 107,636,760 square feet OR 3.86 square miles of 'surface' area.

How much area does 54 acres cover?

54 acres covers about 0.084 square miles or 2,352,240 square feet.

How many feet are in 7 acres?

An acre is a unit of area, not distance, therefore, an equivalent measure for acres would be square feet.

What is the raduis in feet for 2.5 acres?

If the area is a circle, the radius would be 186.2 feet.

What is 20000 acres?

20,000 acres is an area of land equal to 31.25 square miles. Each acre is 43,560 square feet.

Dimensions of a square with an area of 1200 acres?

Dimensions of a square with an area of 1,200 acres are:Each side has a length of 7,230 feetThe perimeter of the square is 28,920 feetThe diagonal measurement is 10,220 feetThe total area is 52,272,000 square feet OR 1.875 square miles

What is the Perimeter feet of 6.4 acres?

If the area is square-shaped, the perimeter would be 2,112 feet.

How many feet around 9 acres?

If the area was a square the perimeter would be 2,504.52 feet.

How many miles is 42 acres?

it takes 640 acres to make a square mile. 42 acres = .15625 square miles an acre is approx 208.71 feet squared if you had 42 acres end to end, you would have a piece of land that is 1 acre x 42 acres deep or approx 208.71 feet wide x 5009.05 feet deep, which would equal about .039 miles x .95 miles deep. hope this helps

What is the outside diameter of 4300 acres?

It depends on the shape of the area. If it is a circle with an area of 4,300 acres, the diameter of the circle would be 15,440 feet.

What size would 0.14 acres be if square?

A square with an area of 0.14 acres would measure 78.09 feet on each side.

How many feet around 7 acres?

Acres cannot be converted to feet as they are both different types of measurements. As acres is a measurement of area while feet is a measurement of length. A proper equivalent would be square feet. Therefore, 7 Acres = 304920 Square Feet

How many acres in a 2114 feet circumference?

A circular area with a circumference of 2,114 feet has an area of 8.16 acres.

How many miles are around the perimeter of 20 acres?

An area of 20 acres can have millions of different shapes. It can be round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, or irregular. Knowing the area doesn't tell you the shape or the proportions. As long as the total included area is 43,560 square feet, it's an acre. The smallest possible perimeter for 20 acres would be a circle with a diameter of 1053.2 feet. The circumference is 3308.75 ft = 0.63 mile. The smallest possible plot with straight sides would be a square, with sides of 933.4 feet, and perimeter of 3,733.5 ft = 0.707 mile. But you can make 20 acres have as large a perimeter as you want, with no upper limit. For example: A strip of land 10 feet wide and 87,120 ft (16.5 miles) long. Area = 20 acres. Perimeter = 33 miles and 20 ft.

What is the dimensions of two square acres?

A square area that was two acres would be about 295 feet on each side.

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